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[pullquote]With a DMC that plays its role professionally, smoothing processes, opening doors locally and offering all kinds of logistical support, there is no doubt about the added value for the client, not only in term of image, prestige and event success but also in competitive rates and time savings.[/pullquote]In recent years it seems that Destination Management Companies (DMCs) are having a difficult time. This is mostly due to heavy competition in the meetings industry not only among the DMCs but also between DMCs, hotels and venues and other stakeholders, all targeting the same market with the same level of rates. Competition has become that hard that everyone wants to get the same client at the best possible price and commissioning for intermediating service is being more and more left out.

Moreover, the different stakeholders enter in competition with DMCs not only by offering their own services at the same price to foreign clients as to local DMCs, but trying to gain additional revenues by offering DMC Services. So the question is posed as – where is the added value in using a Destination Management Company (DMC) in these difficult times and slim budgets?

A DMC has to be much more than a booking agent – the company has to offer deep knowledge about the newest venues, people or trends and the best connections in the destination, opening to its clients the whole range of options available an outsider would have never known about in order to succeed.

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AIM White Paper The Added Value of DMC

SUSANNA TOCCA Managing Director, Lisbon Office

Author: SUSANNA TOCCA, Managing Director, Lisbon Office
Susanna Tocca is a native Austrian, who has dedicated the bigger part of her professional career to Destination Management. She is experienced in destination marketing for different target markets, tailoring creative incentive programs with all the necessary attention to detail. Susanna is fluent in 6 languages which makes her the perfect host for her clients – something she is passionate about and does wholeheartedly.

Arriving in 1995 in Lisbon she set up our Lisbon Office and made it one of the leading and award-winning DMCs in the country. With her diverse background and years of experience Susanna is a well-known professional in the local and international events industry, as she is actively involved with various industry associations.

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