Q: Career path?

  • Receptionist
  • Reception Manager
  • Sales Department / direct sales department
  • Contact center agent
  • Contact center supervisor
  • Group sales department
  • Sales Senior Officer
  • Event Organizer / PCO

Q: What is your favorite meeting brand?
Melia Hotels International

Q: What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?
Bungee jumping. I kept on living life, despite the difficulties I met.

Q: What’s your alternative career fantasy?
Stewardess – because I wanted to over travel the world not just for 1 time
Pilot- just to feel that saying the sky is the limit

Q: What are you obsessed with at the moment?
Kids. I am obsessed with caring and raising children, and thinking that I have showed them a right way

Q: Your goals before 50?
Personal: Sport: better personal results half marathon / or maybe marathon
House List: new 100 m2
Travel/Adventure: scuba diving/ skydiving ; Go to Las Vegas ; Go on a hot winter vacation
Bucket List: Write a book (children book or story ) or a blog

Career: Attain a Manager position (or equivalent, title isn’t important), Seek out a position in a larger company, Reach better annual salary

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