Redmint Communications aim was to differentiate Istanbul by utilising venue images to clearly communicate a broader message of a contemporary city. A city capable of meeting the demands of the international meeting industry with both its modernity and history.


Campaign: A Tale of Two Cities
Client: Istanbul Convention & Visitors Bureau
Agency: Redmint Communications
Creative: Redmint Communications

Showcasing Istanbul’s contrasting venues and styles to demonstrate the wealth of possibilities to cope with any size or scale of events organisation was the focal point of the campaign. The other part was demonstrating the breadth of variety of Istanbul – old and new – via highlighting the city’s high-tech modern infrastructure juxtaposed against its monumental history to metaphorically reflect the city of contrasts or ‘Tale of Two Cities’


  • Go beyond clichés and Istanbul as a predominantly historic city (East vs West, Bridging Continents, Connecting People etc)
  • Emotion vs information
  • Creative working with limited resources – time and budget


They needed a bold new image: a contemporary city capable of meeting the demands of the international convention industry while inspiring with its deep-rooted history & culture. Redmint Communications broke the more classic marketing aproaches of the past featuring slogans. They also needed a meaningful, emotional yet informative destination rebranding of the Istanbul Convention Bureau. Utilising stock photography with no big budget for photo-shoots was also a practical solution.


Redmint Communications achieved more than 10 times the targeted OTS in multi-channel implementation strategy across print & online, e-mail marketing, social media & PR…

• Print Advertising: 465,500 OTS, 17 MICE publications
• Online Advertising: 100,000 OTS, 10 online publications
• Significant Growth in Social Media
• Raising Istanbul’s Profile
• Growth in Key Target Areas
• Reaching New Audiences around the World
• Sustainability & Adoption of Campaign by Istanbul CVB Members

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