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vila, vipolže

1. Vila Vipolže, Dobrovo v Brdih, Slovenia
The most beautiful Renaissance villa in Slovenia boasts state-of-the-art equipment and a noble history. You can spice up events and meetings with extra experiences either in the beauty of nature, in wine cellars or at tourist farms.

2. Schleppe Brewery Events Hall, Klagenfurt, Austria
The Schleppe Brewery is today regarded as the centre both of Carinthia’s brewing and distilling industries, especially since the Pfau Distiller moved in under the same roof. This events hall offers ideal surroundings for events up to 800 people.

3. Blue Train, Belgrade, Serbia
‘Blue Train’ is a popular name for a special train used for the needs of Josip Broz Tito, ex-President of the previous Socialistic Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The train will take you back in time to the era of Marshall Tito’s incredible life.

4. Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, Croatia
In 2010 the museum’s bricks-and-mortar city centre home was established in the Croatian capital and today it holds an international treasure-trove of broken relationship trinkets that’s often heart-wrenching — fur-lined handcuffs, a toaster stolen out of spite, and an axe used to destroy a former lover’s furniture.

kozlovič, winery

5. Kozlović Winery, Buje, Croatia
Kozlović’s stunning winery blends right into the surrounding countryside and is the perfect place for all kinds of meetings and events.

6. Perkov Salash Farm, Fruška Gora National Park, Serbia
With its unique scenery and lovely surroundings the Perkov Salash-Farm offers a tremendous experience in the company of kind-hearted hosts, who prepare delicious traditional meals accompanied by home made wines from the Fruska Gora vineyards.

7. Roman amphitheatre – Arena Pula , Pula, Croatia
Elliptic in shape, the largest ancient building in Istria is open for sightseeing during the day, after which it becomes the perfect place for pop rock concerts, operas and ballets at night-time, as well as its own film festival with a 50-year tradition.

8. Sečovlje salt-pans, Piran, Slovenia
The saltpans hide another treasure besides their top quality salt: where some parts of the saltpans are deserted but production is still taking place around it is where you will find the Lepa Vida Thallasso Spa, a venue unique in the world and perfect for different meetings and events.

9. Soap factory Graz, Graz, Austria
The size, arrangement and nature of the historic premises allows for events with up to 2,400 guests. With its flexibility, the space offers an ideal setting for innovative ideas and a contemporary event culture.

stopića, cave, sirogojno

10. Ethno village Sirogojno, Sirogojno, Serbia
The “Old village” Museum of Folk Architecture in Sirogojno is the only open-air museum in Serbia. One of its houses serves as a gallery for the exhibitions, promotions, seminars and the summer schools, for which it has different interiors.

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