Who are the top influencers in the Meetings Industry in Central and South East Europe?

Who are the top influencers in the Meetings Industry in Central and South East Europe? As this industry evolves rapidly, it’s clear that some influencers have the same reach and pull as some big companies. Individuals matter in a way that’s never been possible before.

Anyone can be a leader. Sounds easy, right? It’s NOT. True leadership is rare, because most people aren’t willing to do the “one thing” they need to grow their influence.

The Editorial board of Kongres Magazine analysed more than 40 influencers in Central and South East Europe after reviewing highlights from the Meetings industry in 2014 and based on several criteria such as:

• Achievement of the best financial and other multiplier effects of the meetings industry in 2014, which significantly deviate from the average;
• Implementation of the most demanding improvements and innovations in their field, which also includes successfully, implemented projects that have marked the year 2014;
• Help in enhancing the reputation and visibility of the meetings industry in 2014;
• Innovations that facilitate the work of meetings organisers or have shown the way to the future.

The candidates are divided into 5 categories:
• Top meeting Architects (DMO, CVB…)
• Top meeting Agencies (DMC, PCO….)
• Top meeting Hotels and Venues
• Top meeting services (catering) and
• Top meeting innovators (marketing, technology…)

The survey is NOW AVAILABLE so we invite you to VOTE for top influencers in Meetings industry and share it on social media. Good luck!

You can check Kongres Magazine’s last year results here.

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