It is vital to understand that we in the events industry hold the golden key to human connections for which businesses, brands, associations and organizations strive.

Live events present perfect opportunities to connect, to build stories together and why not – to be inspired to change the world. But just “organizing” events in today’s digital world does not cut it. Something extra is needed and now is readily available through the often talked about engagement with social media.

Social media tips and tricks can be easily found for each and every business and sector. But finding value in the massive amounts of published books, trend reports, etc. is hard without asking some tough questions that help you and your business keep out of the many pit-falls. Becoming a Master of the Question is easy and a must. Even if every marketer values the importance of social media, nearly everyone also agrees that it would be pointless if it is not aligned with business goals, values and beliefs.

One of the very first tasks anyone has to do in regards to social media is define a clear goal. Do not do something only for the sake of it. Carry your research forward and see if you can build your own community by joining one or more social media channels.

AIM White Paper Social Media Pifalls


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