Q: What do you love about meetings?
The diversity and the dynamic environment which demands a lot of creativity and flexibility. Co-operating with different companies from various industries which requires innovative thinking to deliver unique and memorable events.

Q: Your tips for the perfect event?
There is no such thing as the perfect event. What one should be focusing on is what is the perfect event for YOU. The client should keep in mind at all time the purpose of the event. The organiser should know that purpose in detail and always provide concrete solutions and suggestions for achieving the event’s goal.

Q: Why organise meeting in your city/hotel?
LifeClass has a great location and excellent infrastructure, appropriate for hosting all kinds of events. We are introducing new and innovative ways of organizing meetings that through different approaches and activities help organizers increase the ROI of their events.

Q: The most memorable event for you?
An evening in mid of January 2013 was a really hot one. It was the launch of the new luxury SUV – Range Rover Vogue. Exclusive English brand, Indian ownership and Mediterranean location blended in a fusion of English, Indian and Istrian cuisine.

Q: Food for thought?
»Wonder what your customer really wants? Ask. Don’t tell.« (Lisa Stone)

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