In the first ten months of this year Adria Airways, Slovenia’s national carrier, flew 1.090.040 passengers. Compared to the same time last year that is a 13,4 % increase in all passengers and a 5,7% increase in charter flight passengers.

On the 25th of October Adria switched to winter time schedule offering flights to 18 European cities. Adria Airways boasts more than fifty years of experience in charter and scheduled services. It connects Slovenia to numerous European cities, and offers excellent connections to Southeast Europe. As a Star Alliance member, they provide access to a global network of flights to 193 countries.

It remains the go to air carrier for many international events organized in Slovenia also this winter. The new time schedule will continue to offer flights to the major European cities including to and from Berlin, a regular line that was added to the schedule this year.

So far the management of Adria is satisfied with the growth as well as with the development of all lines, except for Moscow, which has been one of the most important lines in the past and is now unfortunately declining. It is too early to say at this time what will be the total outcome for this year but after last year’s positive outcome they remain optimistic. The national carrier is currently in the process of being sold. So far they have received a number of offers for the purchase and are considering capital increases in no more than eight million euros.

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