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Visitors coming to Ljubljana have expressed a growing interest in typical and authentic local food, also by enquiring where they can taste it. Ljubljana has always been at the crossroads of different culinary worlds – from the Mediterranean, Alpine, Pannonian and Balkan to a variety of international cuisines. Nevertheless, it has managed to maintain a unique culinary heritage. Ljubljana Tourism, in collaboration with the renowned ethnologist Prof. Dr. Janez Bogataj, created the Taste Ljubljana brand, which involves around 60 restaurants.

The mission of the Taste Ljubljana project is to ensure that a larger share of traditional and authentic Ljubljana dishes prepared using modern cooking methods are included in the culinary offerings of the Slovenian capital.

Taste Ljubljana Food Tour

The Taste Ljubljana food tour

Today, traditional Ljubljana food and drinks are coming alive in widely differing ways, including food tours. The Taste Ljubljana food tour combines the street food experience in Klobasarna Carniolan Sausage Bistro, a second snack in a designer spot (Lolita), followed by an example of social entrepreneurship (Druga Violina) to the modern Romansa Restaurant. To round up the tour, the Skyscraper offers spectacular views alongside the dessert and digestif. To learn about Ljubljana dishes’ locally sourced ingredients, the visit the Ljubljana Central Market and the vegetable gardens located in the Krakovo district are also included.

Prepare the Ljubljana Food Experience at Home

The Taste Ljubljana food tour

One of the actions aimed at supporting the promotion of Ljubljana dishes was also the publication of the Taste Ljubljana book: Long for Its Dishes Ljubljana’s Been Known – Sitting at the Everyday and Festive Table with People in Ljubljana. This provides a historical overview of the city’s culinary offerings complemented by recipes, stories related to individual dishes, and a list of restaurants offering Taste Ljubljana-branded dishes as a part of their regular menus. Ljubljana Tourism has also published a free Taste Ljubljana guide available in Slovenian and English from the city’s Tourist Information Centres and the VisitLjubljana website.