Five hotels located in the heart of the Julian Alps offer a wide range of activities for different types of guests and are an excellent starting point for numerous events.


Their hotels have been carrying tradition since 1970s, from ski hotels to all year round and business hotels.


HIT holidays has a long tradition in congress tourism and a large amount of experience in organizing different types of events. Flexibility and professionalism of their highly trained staff is closely linked with personal touch and unique Slovenian energy.


The biggest asset of Ramada Resort is the Planica Hall with excelent views of the surrounding mountains and ski slopes.


Connecting business with quality time in pure nature.

No transportation needed for business guests to experience the heart beat of the destination.

HIT Alpinea always adds a bit off personal touch to every event.


Kranjska Gora is easily accessible from the two closest airports (Ljubljana and Klagenfurt Airport). The hotels also have free parking spaces.


Conventa 2016


Hitholidays chefs know well how to present our traditional Slovenian cousine to business guests on an adventurous, fun and interactive way. They have created a ˝Culinary journey˝ which is held in a village of Kranjska Gora and is created for guests who enjoy great food and like to experience different senses and tastes of one specific region. The journey in five locations gives guests a chance to taste different aspects of traditional Slovenian cousine focused on local food and helps them build the bond between themselves and the historical heart of the region.


Sledding on the forest paths and roads in the vicinity of Kranjska Gora is an excelent incentive for your guests. You can choose between daytime or nighttime sledding. During the day you can enjoy views of the Julian Alps covered with snow and in the nighttime the torches or the floodlights will brighten the path you will be sledding on with your friends screaming of joy.

HIT Alpinea d.d., Slovenia
Borovška 99
4280 Kranjska Gora Slovenia

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