When in 2002 Urša Kunz and Miha Pupis stared farming, they owned ten goats and had a vision of an organic farm. Today their farm, Trnulja country estate based in Črna vas at the Ljubljana Marshes, now also has donkeys to accompany the goats and wheat fields, all with a certain ambience that makes you feel special and different. And it is strictly organic, in fact, it’s difficult to find a more organic farm than theirs, focusing primarily on the production of cereals and oilseeds and their conversion into organic oils, spreads, plain and wholemeal flour. Their organic credential mean Trnulja country estate is the only Slovenian member of the German-Austrian chains of European Bio Hotels, which means that you won’t find any pesticides being used and in their kitchen they don’t use any flavour enhancers.

Both facilities – excursion and accommodation – were built according to the principles of ecological construction, so with a strong use of natural building and insulation materials. The interior and its equipment follow the principle of organic and local, made of alder and pinewood. Bed linen, towels and curtains are made of hemp textiles and the mattresses filled with hemp stuffing. Decorative value ads pictures of surrounding motives. This kind of attention to detail – whether in the barn or tourist apartments, fields, vegetable garden, next to the fireplace or on the paved terrace – is really hard to find anywhere else.

On Sundays Trnulja acts as an inn or just for closed groups. The menu is short and unique, where you will find only food grown organically on the estate or purchased from suppliers who are equally environmentally friendly. Hemp is a trademark of the Trnulja estate – in addition to hemp seed oil they produce soybean oil, rapeseed oil, walnut oil and pumpkin seed oil. They also sell spreads, organic cured sausages, salami, biscuits and organic flours. Meat used in the products comes from home-reared animals.
A gem of the estate is the creations of Chef Slavko Adamlje, one of the top chefs in Slovenia, whose colour-coordinated meals are true culinary works of art.

Trnulja offers a genuine meetings experience through which you enter a parallel universe that is even little known to Ljubljana natives. The country estate is definitely a best case example on how to manage organic farming and tourism. It acts on the principle of high quality products and services and the completeness of this offer. At the same time they remain faithful to tradition and the cultural identity of the surroundings in which they are located. It is a true GREEN CONGRESS product that has no competition.


1. By boat along Ljubljanica river
You can reach Trnulja by boat from Ljubljana city centre, making for an exciting first contact with the magical world of Trnulja.

2. Cooking with Slavko Ademlje
Cooking dinner with natural ingredients and trying domestic eco products.

3. Ride with carriage
Discovering the secrets of the Ljubljana Marshes in the traditional way.

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Country estate Trnulja is connected with cannabis and hemp products. They cook with hemp oil and hemp flour. They have their own plantations of cannabis and produce all sorts of products that can also be purchased after your event.

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Trnulja Estate is located in Črna vas, just ten minutes away from Ljubljana in the heart of the Ljubljana Nature Park Marshes.

Črna vas 265, 1000 Ljubljana
T: +386 (0)1 4271 903