Miha Kovacic, Director of the Slovenian Convention Bureau
Miha Kovacic, Director of the Slovenian Convention Bureau

[pullquote]In today’s buyers market the clients have endless choices. Who they will pick? They will pick the one with the best return on investment. And in this the power of individuum plays a crucial role.[/pullquote] The meetings industry could just as easily be called the ‘communication’ industry; it gathers people together to educate them, motivate them and to in- crease their networks. In short, meetings make people happier. In that sense it’s interesting that the Slovenian word for meetings includes the word happiness in its name.

But let’s ask ourselves: do all meetings really end with happiness?This depends on several factors and to get started on them let’s focus on the individual person here. The meeting’s owner, for example, is someone who is dedicated to ensuring that the meeting will achieve its goal. If the organiser has prepared the meeting and its participants well, then there is no doubt that it will be successful. Along with CVB Briefing this satisfaction of the organiser there are several other stakeholders aiming for equal success of a meeting. In fact, the whole supply chain has this goal in mind, not to mention the participants who are looking for their part of a return on investment.

So what then about larger systems, companies or destinations?
For bodies such as these, as with my first point, I believe it is about the individuum. It is firstly about the individual, the sole person, who leads the system, company or destination. There is consequently a
need for strong leadership and commitment, the kind of which pulls people together to work for a common goal. In larger systems, companies or destinations it is a huge challenge to achieve this goal, as there is an almost endless chain of stakeholders, many of whom only see their own success or maybe even want to take advantage of others within the system.

The true victory and success of an ecosystem, however, is when the team achievement is more important than individual success.
Furthermore, today market size gives a good reflection of that. The clearer the definition of the leader – the individuum – the clearer the picture of the company or the destination. This offers better positioning on the marketplace, as clients are looking to put a face behind the brand. Just think of Steve Jobs.

So, does a company or a destination speak clearly and in a single voice? Does it truly put the client first? Strategic documents and presentations may set that out, but has the leader managed to unite the employees/members/ partners in providing a continuously first class and memorable service to the client?

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