31st Slovenian Book Fair

Date: 25 — 29 November 2015
Location: CD Congress Centre Ljubljana
Organizer: CD Congress Centre Ljubljana, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (Publishing and Bookselling Association)
Client:  CD Congress Centre Ljubljana
Event type:  Festival & Book Fair

The Slovenian Book Fair is traditional and the most established book festival in Slovenia dating back to 1972 when UNESCO with a slogan “Books for all” declared the International Year of Books. From then on a merely book exhibition with its aim to promote and sell newly released book editions has grown into the celebration of books, literacy and reading. Now the event hosts over 30.000 visitors.

The 31st edition of Slovenian Book Fair has boasting figures: 125 exhibitors occupying the 3 floors of the venue, 277 events taking place in 22 halls and 4 open stages, the grand and must attend event for publishers, booksellers and authors opening ceremony; a pop-up live radio studio broadcasting from the event.

The Fair has opened to the world – this year France with internationally renowned authors has been a guest country. Trade professionals can deepen their knowledge attending the educational events (academy, symposia). The Slovenian Book Fair is also a feast with live cooking (the famous 24-kitchen chef Rudolf has already been here). Cicifest – a children’s festival, late night opening times, the disadvantaged social groups such as the disabled, prisoners, homeless are put in the programme and visited by members of the Slovene Writers’ Association and Slovene Book Fair. Special exhibitions focusing on books & arts, always with fil rouge, thematically round the event. The Slovene Book Fair has not reached its limits yet and that the organisers have many more ideas in their pocket.


  • Going to the city (smaller events / readings in different locations such as: women’s prison, homeless shelter, Institute for the training of disabled youth Kamnik)
  • Establishing a festival of children books
  • Creating a platform for exchanging of opinions (Debate Café) focusing on current trends / movements in the society
  • Going international – connection with Frankfurt book Fair and others
  • Developing “Love Books” program for Primary Schools’ and Kindergartens’ visitors (a voucher to buy a book is provided by governmental institutions and Slovenian Book Fair)
  • Discovering new musical talents – presenting them at official opening ceremony
  • Introducing new ideas – connecting students of University of Ljubljana (art, design, print) and potential employees / publishing industry


  • France has prepared an in-depth presentation at the biggest Slovene national Book Fair (more than 20 events and other content were organized by the French Cultural Institute Charles Nodier and the Embassy in Ljubljana) and has presented some top literary guests at the fair: Pascal Bruckner, Jacques Ranciere, Frederic Beigbeder.
  • Cicifest – a festival of children books
  • The implementation of the program “Books in the arena of life” (authors and Slovene Book Fair going to the disadvantaged social groups)


  • Thorough planning and monthly meetings focusing on the assignment – from beginning to the end
  • The event was carefully planned, thanks to the excelent technical team
  • Every task was performed according to the plan supervised by the area manager
  • IT solutions (web page, mobile devices, Twitter, FB)

Hey! I am first heading line feel free to change me

Key challenges:

  • To run the event smoothly
  • To involve every publisher in the country
  • To provide a high quality program for visitors (general public & professional)
  • To attract the audience
  • To keep the policy of free entrance for visitors

Event Communication:
The inspiration for this year’s Slovene Book Fair’s identity was found in the book of the best Slovenian comics and animated films author, Miki Muster and where the printing error occurred. The missing text was replaced by a new one and became a slogan for the 31st Slovenian Book Fair. The image, close to Slovenian minds and hearts, was warmly endorsed by the public. The communication included printing materials (leaflets, brochures, invitations), e-materials (news letter), web page, social media (FB, Twitter)

  • 1770 likes in just 3 weeks
  • TV advertisement
  • Radio – no adds but content
  • Good media coverage – 244 articles published (in the value of nearly 308,000 EUR + VAT)

After Event: Sustainable solution

  • Energy saving technology was installed in CD Congress Centre (light, water, waste)
  • Books (paper) are in the focus, plastic toys are more of an exception then a rule
  • Local catering service and supply
  • The appeal to use city transportation system and trains

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