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A true experience with an emphasized heightening of all of the senses awaits you at Conventa. Our wish is for you to create your own holistic sensuous experience that will fix in your memory and carry positive feelings with you when you return back home. Our approach is based on a unique formula for the synergy of an experience that we simply call the Conventa Experience. As many as 98% of our partners say they return to Conventa due to positive past experiences, so… will you be one of them? In 2016 we want you to create your own personal experience through the six senses, an experience so good that we will look forward to seeing you again in 2017.


Music stimulates passion, affection, devotion, reassurance and warmth. To hear something you can remain passive, but to listen you have to be active. Sound is important because of its link with memory; music stimulates and awakens memories of our past and at the same time takes us into the future.

Conventa Sound: In the audible sphere we will offer you an exceptional musical experience by Miha Pogačnik. His lectures on active listening and management learning accompanied by Bach sonatas are a hit all over the globe. Listeners simply need to listen and participate. Managers at Ericsson, Shell, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Mitsubishi, Matt and Nike have all listened to Miha as he elegantly and in his unique way brings together art and economy with different cultures and generations.

  • WHERE: Conventa Expert Corner,
  • WHEN: Tuesday, 20 January 2016 at 2:20 pm


Taste is undoubtedly one of the ways in which we can feel love. It is not so unusual then that there is the old saying: “The way to the heart is through the stomach”. This doesn’t just mean to fall in love with someone because they might be a good cook, but it means that with our taste buds we can taste when someone has prepared a dish with genuine love and care.

Conventa Taste: We have envisioned Conventa as a culinary marketplace of New Europe, so in addition to having a cup of the excellent coffee that traditionally accompanies every event in Southeast Europe, through its various forms of culinary gatherings Conventa also allows hosted buyers and exhibitors to meet and deepen their business relationship. Social events at Conventa include coffee breaks, working lunches and gala receptions. Conventa is one of the few trade shows that treats exhibitors and hosted buyers equally. The organisers make sure to schedule joint social events for all in order to create further opportunities for networking.

  • WHERE: Conventa Lunch, Conventa Evening Receptions
  • WHEN: Wednesday, 20 January and Thursday, 21 January, 1pm – 2.20 pm


Even if you close your eyes and cover your ears, you will always smell the air as you breathe. You explore the smells all around you with every breath you take. The Conventa scent is one of new experiences as well as the scent of nostalgia, and most of all the scent of a freshly roasted coffee.

Conventa scent: We like to share our passion for coffee, which is why we have joined forces with the Bernardin Group that entrusts the Illy brand of coffee and Escobar coffee run by Omar and Katja. Café St. Bernardino will welcome you with a morning coffee and keep you caffeinated all through the day, while special blends of Escobar coffee will be presented by Omar and Katja in the Meeting Services Spot. The Conventa atmosphere will be filled with the lovely coffee aroma. Enjoy!

  • WHERE: Café St. Bernardino, Conventa coffee point
  • WHEN: Wednesday, 20 January and Thursday, 21 January, all day


‘Try before you buy’ is part of the Conventa trade show philosophy, so trying out the destination before offering it to clients is what we offer to hosted buyers. Conventa organisers believe in the personal experience of the destination and offer it by arranging fam trips to the great destinations in the region.

Conventa Touch: In 2016 you will get to personally experience the following destinations:

Ljubljana – Ljubljana, often regarded as a hidden gem, still has an aura of newness despite being on the European conference map for more than 30 years. This welcoming city of a compact size, with 280,000 residents, has the elements of a boutique destination, offering authenticity and a quality of life that both leisure and business visitors appreciate. Modern meeting facilities, professional know-how, a good choice of event space for social functions complemented by an excellent catering offer, as well as good language skills, ensure that events are carried out according to plan.

Bled – Bled charms visitors at first sight with its beautiful lake, the idyllic island in its midst and the majestic cliff-top castle overlooking the blue waters of the lake. The unspoilt countryside is a magnet and a perfect backdrop for “green” meetings, while the vicinity of the destination to the airport and the main thoroughfares is a further advantage.

Zagreb – Zagreb is easy to reach by air and road to all major European cities and beyond. It is a very compact, “people friendly“ city where all principal attractions, hotels, venues, museums and historical sights are within walking distance from each other and are centrally located. It is a safe city with hospitable people, the city of green urban parks and promenades, rich with historical and cultural heritage and a specific mixture of central European and Mediterranean flair.

Portorož & Piran – With its 130 years’ tradition in tourism, Portorož is a very popular and recognized MICE destination. It offers a range of different hotel accommodations, modern conference facilities, numerous event venues, delicious cuisine, relaxation facilities, cultural events and entertainment options. Besides all this, Portorož is characterized by the short distances between all of its venues, which allows visitors to reach all the activities, business, social and cultural sites on foot.

Kranjska Gora – Kranjska Gora is an ideal meetings and incentive destination. It features the best year-round entertainment, sporting and recreational centre in the Julian Alps. This picturesque small town, surrounded by the impressive scenery of the mountains, lies on the outskirts of the Triglav National Park, very close to the intersection of three borders between Slovenia, Austria and Italy.

Maribor – Pohorje – Maribor, one of the Top 10 tourist destinations in the world in the opinion of various media, is wonderfully nestled in the embrace of the green Pohorje Mountains on one side and the picturesque wine-growing hills on the other. It is the second largest Slovenian city that is nowadays firmly positioned on the meetings map. Every month of the year there are internationally heralded events taking place in the city, from congresses and conferences to entertainment, sports, cultural and ethnological events.

  • WHEN:
    Ljubljana, 18 – 19 January 2016
    Bled, 21 – 22 January 2016
    Zagreb, 21 – 23 January 2016
    Portorož & Piran, 21 – 23 January 2016
    Kranjska Gora, 21 – 22 January 2016
    Maribor – Pohorje, 21 – 23 January 2016
Conventa, day 1


Sight is the most important of the human senses, which often dominates other senses. The first contact with Conventa is through its brand and in its eight years Conventa has become a reputable, trustworthy brand well-known by meeting planners as well as meeting providers.

Conventa sight: By participating at the trade show you too can become a part of the group of the best meetings industry companies in the region. Supporting Conventa are global trade shows like IMEX, IBTM and UK Meetings Show, associations like ICCA, MPI and SITE, as well as all the main convention bureaus of the region. The biggest meeting players have followed Conventa from the very beginning and the degree of loyalty is also extremely high when it comes to our exhibitors – we can proudly say that 98% of them return to Conventa every year, while the show also annually attracts new meeting providers and destinations.

A real ‘sight for sore eyes’ will be the visual performance by aerialist Maruša Conič, who will mesmerize us with tricks and aerial movement on the aerial silk. It will be a performance to remember for the rest of your life!

  • WHERE: Welcome reception, Grand hotel Union
  • WHEN: 7.30 pm


Exhibition equipment, decoration, furniture, heating, lighting and various elements of the set-up make the atmosphere at Conventa. The cherry on top is the great hospitality that fills the air and that can warm up even the coldest of the meetings industry players’ hearts.

Conventa feel: This year you will be able to enjoy the magical atmosphere at the Welcome and Official receptions. At the Welcome reception held at Grand hotel Union, the stunning hotel in Art Nouveau style in an exclusive location in the heart of the city centre, you will get the feel of elegance and a century old tradition. Here the first connections will be created, first impressions made and the first experiences gathered. At the Official reception held at CD-Congress Centre we will roll out the red carpet for the distinguished representatives of New Europe’s political and economic society. Opening speeches and the award ceremony will be accompanied by music, exquisite food and a fine glass of wine. The evening festivities will continue at the legendary after party sponsored by Kompas DMC.

  • WHERE: Welcome reception at the Union hall, Official reception at the grand hall of CD-Congress Centre
  • WHEN: The evening of 19 and 20 January

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