Drawing inspiration from the sunsational Hvar island, Sunčani Hvar Hotels designed some of the most desired venues on the Croatian islands, offering countless possibilities for conferences, incentives and special events.


Sunčani Hvar is a cornerstone of 140-year sustainable tourism and progressive destination development on Croatia’s most exclusive island of Hvar.


In search of authentic hotel experiences Sunčani Hvar has combined the extraordinary natural resources of Hvar Island with its hotel offer using the UNESCO protected Stari Grad Plain farmer’s produce. The plain has sustained a healthy and organic food production – from farm to your plate – since 400 B.C.


Amfora conference center stretches on two central floors with floor-to-ceiling stunning views of the nearby islands and the cascading pool.


Sunčani Hvar hotel facilities with state of the art conference halls and full spa services.

Authentic cuisine to cater even the most demanding of your clients.


Speedboats, hydroplanes, ferries and catamarans run between Split airport/city port and Hvar on a daily basis.


Conventa 2016


Hvar incentive programs feature a dynamic mix with plenty to do, as “al fresco dinners” both harvested and cooked at an UNESCO heritage site from 400 B.C. and visits to world class wine cellars and ‘garage winemakers’, still producing top wines from the old island varieties – the fathers of Napa Valley’s Zinfandel and Southern Italy’s Primitivo. It’s about making the audience feel the real essence of “island time”. Their clients praise the exclusivity and privacy the island offers. Hvar is not a destination packed with massive accommodation capacities which makes it a perfect playground for absolute hedonism and adventure.


The small island of Hvar boasts with three UNESCO protected heritage sites. An amazing lace is made of fresh aloe leaves by Benedictine nuns within the ancient monastery walls. “Za križen” is a procession, simultaneously held in the six parishes, each lead by a chosen cross-bearer for 25 km, for more than 500 years. This tradition has never been interrupted throughout its turbulent history. Stari Grad Plain is a cultural and agricultural landscape of the central part of the island. The plain bears testimony to the ancient geometrical system of land division, which has remained virtually intact over 24 centuries.

Sunčani Hvar d.d.,
Ive Miličića 3,
21450 Hvar, Croatia,

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