Date: 26.-28.9.2014
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Organizer: Austria Trend Hotel
Client: P&G
Event type:  Sport

P&G World Cup is an event which combines a football tournament and social activities for men and women. It started in 1992 in Germany with 8 participating teams and now it is becoming a proud yearly tradition that hosts people from all over the world.

The P&G World Cup 2014 was organized by Austria Trend Hotel in Ljubljana and was hosted for the first time in Slovenia. In scope of the event, Football World Cup tournament and numerous accompanying social activities were organized for more than 800 participants from 17 countries that attended. Austria Trend Hotel’s professional staff offered a complete service: planning the event, accommodation and meals for all participants, hiring of 6 football fields, organization and execution of the tournament system & game organization, party organization, videotaped it all and put it together in an amazing video capturing the highlights of the event.


Creativity and ability of solving challenges was important from the day when the registration was opened. Thinking about the whole event logistics was the major challenge and needed fast and right decisions. The whole hotel team was invloved in the organization and this led to perfect organisation of the biggest event in the history of Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana. The results of the event satisfied all 800 participants and brought new experiences and knowledge for the hotel team.


Besides the hotel services that Austria Trend Hotel specializes in, they offered the client complete organization of the P&G World Cup: They made sure for excelent accommodation and meals for the participants, hired 6 football fields and organized the tournament system, organized the party and of course videotaped it all and put it together in an amazing video.


The whole event was completely organized and executed by Austria Trend Hotel’s team. In 3 days of the event more than 2400 breakfasts and lunch boxes were served. The competing teams came from 17 different countries and were divided into 30 male Teams and 13 female Teams.

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Key challenges:
Since the Registration of the teams started early and the majority of them registered a few days after the anouncement of the location, we noticed there will be more participants than in past. The biggest challenge was to accomodate 800 participants in only one hotel with 214 rooms. Our hotel team had a very short time for consultation and solving the challenge. As our General Manager is always open for all ideas and willing to help they got extra beds and finally had enough space for all the participants.

Another challenge was preparing and serving 800 breakfasts and dinners every day. The hotel team splited to different operational departments and helped each other as much as possible. They were able to rely on each other at any moment and the guests noticed and felt the enthusiasm. Austria Trend Hotel has certainly proved to each other they are really the best hotel team in the country.

Event Communication:
Communication was led by 1 Hotel representative who instructed all hotel departments.

After Event: Sustainable solution
Long term partnership between Austria Trend Hotel and the P&G branch offices all over the world was established because of the successful event.

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