Congress Center Sarajevo
Congress Center Sarajevo

Novi Grad Sarajevo municipal council has adopted a Draft Decision for the implementation of the urban project “Congress Center Sarajevo”, creating the conditions for the realization of one of the largest projects in Sarajevo and in the wider area.

Congress Center Sarajevo will be constructed at a locality adjacent to the Radio & Television of B&H building, in the Novi Grad Municipality. It is one of the most significant projects from the program “Pokrenimo Novi Grad Zajedno”, which foresees the remodeling of the central part of Novi Grad Municipality, specifically the most prominent location on the main road and near the building of the Municipality. The estimated value of the project is around 300 million BAM.

Given that Sarajevo does not yet have a congress center, the construction of such a center in the heart of Novi Grad Municipality will place Sarajevo on the map of congress cities, and the capital can achieve a greater profile as a European metropolis.

The center will have several halls in which central cultural and business events in B&H could be held, such as concerts, plays, film screenings and conferences. A hotel, shopping center, large parking facilities, a large business section, as well as residential space will be built within the complex.

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