Uavhengighetstur 2015

Date: 21th — 23rd August 2015
Location: Ljubljana
Organizer: Kompas d.d.
Client: Norwegian IT Company
Event type:  Incentive trip

One of our clients was looking for a new destination for an incentive trip for a Norwegian IT Company. The final remaining destinations were Poland and Slovenia and the client decided to organize the incentive trip in our capital city of Ljubljana.

Slovenia was a new destination for the great majority of all the 330 participants. The program of the two nights stay was designed carefully including interesting activities and events. The participants could feel the warm atmosphere of Ljubljana and meet the locals when having a street dinner along the Ljubljanica River. Besides the visits of Slovenia’s jewels the Postojna Cave and Bled, the participants could feel and taste Slovenia through food walks and a mini festival with local brewers.

The highlight was the gala dinner in the industrial atmosphere of the Railway Museum. The location of the dinner and the entire program remained a secret for the participants. The participants had to find the main Ljubljana Station on their own. At the station a special train was waiting for them and took them to the museum. In the museum, there was a gala dinner with the performance of the musical collective The Stroj, flash mob opera singers, and a special DJ standing on one of the locomotives.


The requirements were fulfilled in creating a special program. The chosen venue was the street along the Ljubljanica River where they could feel the city and also mix with the locals. The other special venue was the industrial atmosphere of the Railway Museum. Furthermore, the participants could taste the local food in the non touristic restaurants in Ljubljana. Organized was also a mini local beer festival where the participants could talk with the owners of small breweries and taste their beer.


In the framework of the event a special application for mobile phones was developed. Each of the participants had their own account with general information about Slovenia and Ljubljana, special interesting places and events in Ljubljana and also specific information about their accommodation, the chosen sightseeing, timings, location of the meeting places etc.


The event execution began three weeks before the event, with a focus on build-up and event day run-orders. Thanks to the great cooperation and flexibility of all the suppliers, the execution of the event went smoothly and without mistakes.

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Key challenges:
The company already had 13 incentive trips in different worldwide destinations. The key challenge was to find something new and to create an interesting program with special venues for such a large group. In their last incentive trips, they have already used venues such as different castles, nice restaurants, museums and galleries, and now they were looking for something different.

One of the requirements was to experience the real, urban part of the city, to mix with the locals, to use the same means of transportation as the locals do and taste local food and drinks.

Measurable results:
The client’s feedback was excellent, all of the participants being incredibly satisfied and stating it has been the best event of all 13 until now. Since the participants had good experience, they want to return and explore more of Slovenia.

Event Communication:
Before the announcement of the chosen destination, the client, dressed in a Slovenian folklore costume, made a teaser video in Ljubljana and sent it to all the participants. The successful communication helped that all the invited participants joined the incentive trip. Moreover, before the trip, a special account was opened on Instagram where the participants posted their photos and comments, thus representing a great promotion tool of Ljubljana and Slovenia.

After Event: Sustainable solution
The incentive trip was held in the city centre of Ljubljana and the participants could easily move around without the means of the transportation. Since the client wanted to be in the touch with locals we suggested using the public means of transportation and in this way also promote Ljubljana as the European Green Capital 2016.

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