Photo: Marius Hoefinger

The Austria Center Vienna has just secured another conference – the 2016 Annual International Meeting of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR).

This is particularly unusual for an international event, since conferences of this size are usually booked at least three years in advance, with initial talks starting a long way before that. But in light of the fact that the Warsaw Conference Center will not be ready in time for 2016, ISPOR was left facing a situation where it had to find an alternative venue at very short notice for 2016 and 2018.

Team spirit leaves a lasting impression The team at the Austria Center Vienna pulled out all the stops to secure one of the two events. Representatives from the venue and its partners travelled to the US to speak at ISPOR’s HQ, analysed the last Annual Meeting for information on its specific requirements and delivered a presentation that soon won over the organisers. Vienna and the Austria Center Vienna – a strong hand from the outset Vienna was among the front runners from the very start due to its excellent location in the heart of Europe and its well-known strengths as a hub between Eastern and Western Europe.

For Shawna Wilker and her co-organisers at ISPOR, the key criteria, which included the ability to provide high-capacity spaces and flexible floor plans while offering excellent transport links – Vienna can be reached from anywhere in Europe in under three hours – worked in the venue’s favour. And it is precisely here that the 180 rooms and halls at the Austria Center Vienna come into their own.


Care conference confirms booking for another three years.
The Austria Center Vienna’s new strategy is also going down well with local organisers. The pflegekongress© care conference, which will be returning for the 13th year in succession this year from 24-25 November, has also confirmed its bookings for 2017 and 2018. For the organisers of the 3,900-person get-together, factors such as strong personal support, particularly from the event management team, and excellent space combinations at the Austria Center Vienna help to create the perfect foundations for a successful conference. “For years now I have been able to rest assured that I will receive the best possible advice and support. Our event presents a host of challenges that call for close coordination while keeping communications as efficient as possible. I know that I can trust the staff at the venue and I would say that the collaboration with the Managing Director works especially well. That’s a must for me if I am going to work with a venue and its staff for such a long time,” explained Claudia Kastner-Roth, CEO of Medical Update Marketing&Media GmbH and organiser of the pflegekongress©.

“Each of these successes demonstrates the excellent standing of Vienna and the Austria Center Vienna when it comes to large-scale national and international conferences. They also highlight the outstanding professionalism of all those who have worked so hard side by side to ensure that we meet existing organisers’ expectations and are able to win over new partners,” noted Susanne Baumann Söllner, Managing Director of the Austria Center Vienna.