We come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Some creative, some logistic, and others technical, but all hospitality driven!
2. We are united in one obsession, great work that delivers success and results to our clients!
3. At Prague Eventery, we don’t have a creative department—creativity is table stakes for everyone. Everyone contributes, has ideas, and a voice!
2-Time Travel

TIMA TRAVEL: We’ve built a talented full service team. Our people lead, and deliver, projects with energy and accountability!

6-Did You Know

DID YOU KNOW:  We firmly believe in the concept that a DMC/PCO, represents you and should work as an extension of your organization here on the ground. Our teams extensive knowledge, and long working history with local service providers, will bring your perfect event to fruition each and every time! EXPECT MORE 

5-Meeting Hotspot

MEETING HOTSPOT: The Czech Republic boasts the highest number of castles and historical sites than any other country. The ideal destination!

Meetings Star
Prague is the most attractive tourist and meeting destination in the Czech Republic. The City of a Hundred Spires on the Vltava River is known to people from all over the world and ranks amongst one of the most beautiful cities, and top MICE destinations, in all of Europe. An ideal location for any conference, meeting, or incentive group, Prague combines the most modern infrastructure in Europe with the timeless beauty of a medieval city.

As magnificent and awe inspiring as Prague is, we’ve barely breached the surface of what there is to do in the Czech lands! Being a compact country has the distinct advantage of being able to take a short drive in any direction and finding enchantment in the form of Castles, Unesco protected towns, and entire spa regions which have been in place for centuries just awaiting your group arrival. With so much to do, your question should not be where to host our next program, but rather how soon!

Well-designed activities are a very important part of any meeting. Whether it is to strengthen your corporate values, build camaraderie, or address team challenges, here at Prague Eventery we begin by understanding your objectives, both spoken and unspoken. This knowledge will then serve as the foundation of a program specifically designed to achieve positive results. Rally programs in vintage communist era vehicles, experiencing free fall flights in our indoor wind tunnel, large group hot air ballooning over medieval castles. Possibilities, and levels of excitement, are limitless!


Feb 25, 2106:  Meet the partners: Prague Eventry



Prague Eventery is Prague’s primary and foremost full service Event and Destination Management Company (DMC) set on providing our clients with the very best event planning, organisational, and logistical services!

AdressPod Vilami 10, Prague 4 – 14000 Czech Republic
Phone+420 777 282 864
Fax+420 777 282 864

In the heart of Europe, Prague is easily accessible from every country. No airport farther than 21/2 hour flight!

 Michael FerreiraContact person:
Mr. Michael Ferreira
T: +420 777 282 864
E: Michael@PragueEventry.com

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