BEST OF 2015

Find out what the best incentives, experiential events, conferences and congresses, apps, cultural events, songs and movies were in 2015

Christian Mutschlechner, Director of the Vienna Convention Bureau

Christian Mutschlechner, Vienna Convention Bureau

The Vienna Convention Bureau (the Vienna Tourist Board’s congress office) was established in 1969 with the assistance of the municipality of Vienna and the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. Eleven congress specialists work to acquire congresses, corporate conventions and incentives worldwide.

Three best songs 2015

1. Carmina Burana, Carl Orff – A very emotional piece of music, elements of this piece could be used to emotionally embrace an audience before a keynote speaker enters the stage.

2. Rolling in the deep, Adele – A typical dance floor starter, great to start an evening function of young scientists, it puts everybody on the dance floor and speeds up emotions immediately.

3. Radetzkymarsch, Johann Strauss’ father – An early morning plenary session and you want to wake up people – let them accompany this by clapping their hands to the rhythm of the Radetzkymarsch (the famous final piece of the annual New Years Concert in Vienna) – everybody knows, everybody stands up and claps the hands and you immediately create a good vibe in the room before starting the session.