“A lot of the trends we have created recently have unfortunately been copied”

Q: Do you pay attention to trends?
It‘s a must to be in the loop all the time – today trends in any industry are very important, so one must be ‚all in‘. DT Croatia&Slovenia DMC follow some „practical“ trends from the world of meetings and incentives and implement them regionally – on the flip side of this a lot of the trends we have created recently have unfortunately been copied, but thats what a trend leader like us has to live with!

Q: How do you feel about technology?
We don‘t ‚feel‘ it, we simply drive our business through with the ‚3S rule‘, and we added a special Max version to please our clients and our team: MaxSafe, MaxSpeed and MaxSmile!

Q: How are you competitive and innovative?
Our passion for organising meetings and incentives plus our every day creativity with the services we provide have made our company heralded by the industry many times as the best DMC in the region. Obtaining the AAA certificate for our long-term financial stability and being the first ISO certified DMC in the region for Quality Control is testament to the level at which we carry out our daily work at the DT offices in Ljubljana, Portoroz, Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb.

DANIEL MARUŠIĆ, General Manager, DT - Dubrovnik Travel DMC

Dubrovnik Travel is recognised in the market as an extremely marketing-oriented company that dictates the trends of regional DMCs. A clear marketing strategy and a systematic op- eration are visible at both the service level of co-operation with the most demanding clients, as well as in the credible results, which were confirmed through the Gazelle Award in 2011. Daniel is heavily involved in the meetings space, as a member of peer associations as well as being the voice of the convention industry of Croatia.