zlatan, muftić
Zlatan MUFTIĆ, Zagreb Convention Bureau

“Priority number one in our industry is to have clients and their needs as your main focus”

Q: Do you pay attention to trends?
Of course, in order to become and stay successful and competitive, it is vital for every industry to not just pay attention to the trends, but also to be the one who sets them in order to improve the conditions for every stakeholder, especial- ly the clients. When I say trends, I mean global, regional and local economical impact, green meeting trends and influence on environment. Generation change is also a very important factor; Gen Y will become the mainstream in no time. The biggest innovation will be the change of meetings itself to totally participative events that will use all the advantages of particular meeting destinations.

Q: How do you feel about technology?
Personally, I feel very comfortable about technology. Technology forms a key part of our everyday routine and it has become essential for providing new ways to improve how we do things, ease administration and achieve higher goals. On the other hand, technology itself is not enough – it has to be supported by great ideas to show its full value for the meeting industry that is, and will stay, a face-to-face business for a long time, despite the new possibilities provided by technology. Technology is our best partner to improve the quality of meetings and provide more options for the clients and planners.

Q: How are you competitive and innovative?
It may sound like a cliché, but the most important way to stay competitive is to know your priorities, and priority number one in our industry is to have clients and their needs as your main focus. It is also essential to make strategic alliances with your competitors in order to establish a coopetitional environment where both or several sides can benefit from it. Everything else is mostly about improving administration or adopting new technologies and trends.


ZLATAN MUFTIĆ, General Manager, Zagreb Convention Bureau

With a wide range of activities he is charged with getting Zagreb on to the congress market. It is to his credit that Zagreb is today a modern and distinctive convention destination. Through active participation in all of the regional and in- ternational initiatives Zagreb is today a stable, growing congress destination, which over the last few years has been steadily increasing its market share in the associations and corporate markets.