Well-known Meeting Design Agency MindMeeting from the Netherlands this week announces new initiatives that will help improve meetings: A brief video explaining what Meeting Design is; and a TEDx video on mechanisms that drive participants’ behaviours.

Video on Meeting Design
Meeting Design is gaining increasing attention: everybody who uses meetings to teach, drive change, motivate, network or make decisions wants their investment to produce a return. But what is Meeting Design exactly?

Now, in a video that lasts less than 2 minutes, MindMeeting explains what a Meeting Designer does and how he works. Says MindMeeting’s managing partner Mike van der Vijver: “We felt that it was high time someone created some clarity on the definition of a Meeting Designer is and how the design process works. A brief video seemed the quickest and most effective way.”

MindMeeting at TEDx in Friesland, The Netherlands)
Differently, but striking a similar note is a 20-minute TEDx talk by MindMeeting’s other managing partner, Eric de Groot. In it, he reveals some of the subtle mechanisms that steer participant behaviours. Eric wouldn’t have been his uniquely disruptive self if he hadn’t included some experiential exercises in the talk, in spite of the rigid TED format. He explains: “Some of the mechanisms we use in our design work are hard to explain in words but very easy to grasp once you experience them yourself. In the talk, I created several moments where participants could literally feel how the way I framed things helped them to shift behaviour immediately.”


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