a place where only top Slovenian wines are served

Maribor, the Styrian capital and Slovenia’s second largest city known for its wine growing tradition is full of surprises. Not only it is the home of the oldest vine in the world and owns the largest underground wine cellar in Europe but also boasts some amazing wineries. One of them is the Water tower Winery.

For all wine lovers Maribor is the place to be. Namely, as soon as you leave the city streets you will find yourself among beautiful vineyards offering breathtaking views. The influence of the wine tradition in Maribor is practically felt at every step. Maribor is also the city where the first winery, offering only Slovenian wines, opened its doors.

It is in the old historical Water tower that the winery stores its wine bottles and in this context represents a completely different type of wine store. The winery is situated on the left bank of the Drava rive in the heart of Maribor’s old town – Lent. The water tower is a unique Renaissance fortification of unusual pentagonal shape, which once defended the walls of the Styrian capital.

It has two floors – the ground floor was transformed into a modern winery, where everyone can find a wine variety suitable to their taste. The winery also offers individual or group wine tastings which is always complemented by the variety of snacks and dishes served at the spot to implement the wine tasting experience.

A perfect venue place

The Water Tower is the meeting point of the past and the present, the past and the future. The visit of the winery is therefore inevitably tinged with history, tradition and cultural heritage. The water tower offers an amazing athmosfere so it is no wonder that the owners who recognized the potentails of the tower for hosting smaller groups of people turned it into a unique venue place. Namely on the top floor of the former bastion, where a round, in medieval style equipped hall is located smaller groups are welcomed to organize banquets and wine tastings or even organize various cultural and social events such as concerts, exhibitions, lectures, screenings, seminars, etc.

On the winery’s web site you can choose among the following services they provide for groups:

• Birthday celebrations, seminar workshops, lectures, presentations, and literary evenings;
• Meat from “Tünka”- the best cuts of meat preserved in “zaseka” (minced lard);
• Homemade cheese and cheese spreads with pumpkin oil and seeds;
• Our own bread, baked in-house;
• Entertainment and guided tastings for up to 60 people;