Government of the Republic of Croatia and Commission for strategic projects in tourism has been considering about mayor tourist projects for this year realization and by now, the best possibilities have 2 big projects: Airport Lošinj and Hotel Park in Rovinj. Both projects could be finalized and executed till the autumn or until the end of year 2016.

 On meeting of Commission for strategic projects in tourism a few projects were being discussed, also projects for Airport Lošinj and Hotel Park in Rovinj. The two projects are slowly finishing with needed paper work and they are almost ready for realization and strategic investments. Till the autumn or till the end of year 2016 both projects could be ready for realization said Anton Kliman, Croatian Minister of Tourism.

The Commission for strategic projects in tourism was established in 2013 and is composed by Vice President of Government as a Chairman, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of tourism, Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection and also a presenter of State Property Management Administration (DUUDI). Main goals of the Commission are evaluation of strategic projects proposals and recommendations to government of Croatia which is then responsible for decisions regarding operative groups, preparation and execution of each projects, as well as naming responsible people for each projects and control of the project implementation.

The final decision about Hotel Park will be made in next month and regarding the Airport Lošinj the government will make the decision until September. This are important projects with investments around 130 million of Euro, 30 million of it is going for Airport Lošinj and 100 million for Hotel Park, where is also included the reconstruction of Marina in Rovinj which is located in the bay of this oldest Rovinj hotel.