On the 3rd of June, Slovenian Chef Igor Jagodic was a guest star Chef at the prestigious restaurant of Hotel Thermenhotel Ronacher in Bad Kleinkirchheim. Under the direction of the renowned Chef, the hotel visitors attending the culinary workshop prepared dishes otherwise served at Restaurant Strelec at Ljubljana castle. The day ended with a magical gourmet evening. The culinary creations Igor prepared for the Gala Dinner left an unforgettable impression on the guests.

Igor gained his culinary and cooking millage in the kitchens of Alain Ducasse, Rene Redzepi and Nils Henkel. Over the years he has won numerous international culinary competitions and is now daily pampering the taste buds of his guests at Restaurant Strelec.

At the beginning of this June, Igor was a guest star Chef at the Restaurant Thermenhotel Ronacher, the home of Chef de cuisine Michael Oberrauter. Those, who take special care of a healthy diet during the thermal holiday in Carinthia, appreciate Michael Oberrauter’s cuisine. Igor and several other guest Chefs were invited to lead culinary workshops and prepare dishes for the gala dinner highlighting their specialities throughout the month of June. Igor did not disappoint. He again showed his Slovenian hospitality, expertise and cooking skills and delivered amazing dishes. Igor said about his cooking: “I honour tradition, but when I start preparing traditional dishes, I always think first about how I can update them and created them with modern techniques.”

One can always taste Igor’s creations in Restaurant Strelec run by the Kaval Group. Perched high up in the archer’s tower, Ljubljana castle’s restaurant overlooks the city from a grand position. Definitely a culinary experience worth trying!

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