From San Siro and Stade de France to the Baku City Circuit, the next great major sporting event for Filmmaster Events is The Opening Ceremony of the first race on the Baku City Circuit, in Baku, Azerbaijan.

710 performers will be paying homage to the beautiful country of Azerbaijan, a dynamic and young nation with a rich heritage and bright future, in a 20-minute ceremony signed by Filmmaster Events.

This summer, Filmmaster Events will be delivering 9 international ceremonies. After the UEFA Champions League Finals in Milan and the Euro 2016 in Paris, it is now in beautiful Baku, Azerbaijan, where the FME team will be realizing their next great major event: the Opening ceremony of the first race on the Baku City Circuit. The race is set to be an historical moment for Baku, who will host this great sporting event for the first time in its history.

Broadcasted worldwide on June 19, 2016, the 20-minute ceremony, which will be presented before the start of the race, will be followed by the National Anthem, which will be performed by a choir of 40 children from the Azerbaijan State Children Philharmonic.


The concept is about “DREAMING FAST”. It is a dream told through the eyes of children, a metaphor of what the future will hold. It is about the positive spirit of a nation that is growing and whose dreams will become a reality. The show has been conceived as a grand parade of 20 minutes, bringing to the stage the nation’s spirit as well as its rich heritage. Composed of five acts, represented by five symbols, the ceremony is about tradition and innovation, the two souls of Azerbaijan, coming together to exemplify a nation that is rapidly growing, but whose roots are firmly planted in their identity.

FIRE – Passion
WATER – Vitality
WINDS – Speed
FORWARD – Will to win
TOGETHER – Teamwork – Unity of countries