pivolog-beer school

Beer school is made up of three courses, which are designed for those who simply want to learn more about beer. This applies to both enthusiasts as well for all those who work in the hospitality industry. In the courses we explore theoretical backgrounds, practical examples, and of course our own perceptions in which through guided tastings we explain the key things that beer lovers need to know.

WOW FACTOR:Interactive and individual educational approach
COMPANY:Izkustveni laboratorij d.o.o. – Pivopis
BEST TIME OF THE YEAR:1. Initial level - Sensory training and beer basics | 12. September, 2. Advanced level - Beer styles, process and ingredients | 8. October, 3. Advanced level - Beer and food, off-flavours, beer harmony | 29. October.
DURATION:2 - 4 hours
LOCATION:Novo mesto and Ljubljana, Slovenia
CATEGORY:Culinary experience


Izkustveni laboratorij d.o.o. – Pivopis
Andrej Colarič
E: pivo@pivopis.si
T: 040 542 787