Photo credit: Maribor Pohorje Tourist Board

This Friday, the city of Maribor will traditionally open its summer movie festival with movie Idila, a first Slovenian action horror movie by director Tomaž Gorkič, playing Nina Ivanišin and Lotos Vincenc Šparovec. This year cinema festival will bring the best of current Slovenian Filmography, with some greatest Slovenian films from last year. Due to lack of funds and equipment the festival is turning into an open-air cinema at Piramida hill and Ruše.

Movie festival is organized by Kino Udarnik, a Maribor-based cultural centre that brings together a regular art cinema hall with a club that features music acts, lectures and exhibitions. Since 2015 the organizer of festival is in debts because of unjustifiably terminated program funding of Maribor municipality in 2015, so this year due to lack of funds and equipment the summer movie festival is turning into an open-air cinema at Piramida hill and Ruše and possibly elsewhere. Festival that will last 1 week offers free movie projections free, but the organizer emphasized that for the future functioning and quality program they need funds in terms of voluntary contributions, which individuals can make on their website and live during the festival.

The beautiful location of Piramida is a 386-metre high town hill in Maribor Pohorje from where once the Maribor castle used to stand. A popular excursion sight for the people of Maribor and other visitors offers a wonderful view of the vines on the slopes and of the whole city. And not just a excursion spot, also the are brings many tourist with many accommodations, including hotels that Terme Maribor manages in beautiful part of Pohorje. Definitely it will offer movie lovers an amazing scenery for even better movie experience!