Following the decision of changing the host city for the Congress, the Organizing Committee chose the qualities and attractions of Seville, in competition with other big European capitals.

FIBES, Seville Conference and Exhibitions Centre, hosts EUROTOX 2016, 52nd Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology until Sunday 7 September with more than 1,200 attendants. The Municipal Delegate of Economy, Commerce and Institutional Relations of Seville’s Town Council, Carmen Castreño, was in charge of starting the opening session this afternoon.

The qualities and attractions of Seville as a host for great international conferences were crucial last April for EUROTOX 2016 Organizing Committee to choose it, in competition with other big European capitals, after deciding to change the host city, initially appointed to Istanbul.

The 52nd Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology is organized by the Turkish Society of Toxicology, a Federation of 34 Societies with over 7,000 members. The theme of the Congress will be “Protecting Public and Environmental Health by Understanding and Communicating Toxicology”, the latest developments and achievements in the field of toxicology also being dealt with.

More than 1,200 attendants are expected to participate in this event where 6 continuing education courses will be carried out as well as 16 symposia, 10 workshops and lectures from key scientists.

Seville Conference and Exhibition Centre achieved to host this important Congress, opposing another three aspirant European cities, due to its speed of response to the Organizing Committee’s request as well as to its knowledge of the international market.

Besides choosing FIBES for its versatility and the quality of its facilities, the Committee gave value to the ancient Mudejar bonds between Spain and Turkey, the links between both cultures and the business opportunities that can be opened between Seville and Istanbul, such as new airline routes, new markets between Europe and Asia, etc.

For Seville, the date of the Congress, early September, is a great incentive as it is the low season, after the summer break, as it will be beneficial to several sectors which are directly linked to the travel and tourism activity, such as hotels, shops, taxis, public transport, catering, etc.

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