Cologne has long offered a wide variety of cultural highlights and incentive events to provide an unforgettable experience for guests attending congresses, conferences or other events.

But now there is a newly expanded range of social events available, depending on group size, to put the perfect finishing touch to your programme.

The new packages, which mainly revolve around creative and culinary activities in urban environments, are part of the strategy being pursued by Cologne Tourist Board and the Cologne Convention Bureau (CCB) for 2016 and 2017. The focus is on giving visitors a rounded view of the city by specifically showcasing places of interest off the beaten track.

One example is Cologne Tourist Board’s “#urbanCGNcologne urban lifestyle” city tours for groups, taking in the trendy districts of Ehrenfeld and the Belgian Quarter, where the spotlight is on contemporary Cologne and its unique feel.

Things are more hands-on at “Cologne Graffiti – the team spray event”, where clients and employees can create their own individual masterpieces or a collaborative work of art, guided by professional graffiti artists.

Another group activity where participants can produce their own artwork is the “Active metal sculptures workshop” at the Odonien.

“Beer & Boule” adds a culinary element to the mix, giving guests the chance to enjoy some of Cologne’s famous Kölsch beer with French food while they play a game of indoor boules. Another option is the Kölsch tasting event, where participants can experience the various facets the beer has to offer.

At an exclusive get-together at Patisserie Törtchen Törtchen, guests can indulge in sweet treats with their coffee. Fragrant fascination is in the air at the perfume seminar, where participants also get to make their own perfume.

“The fussy pharaoh’s pyramid” indoor game is an exciting team event, where the mission is to build a pyramid. But digital art events are still extremely popular too.

“YrWall Digital Graffiti”, for instance, enables participants to show off their creative skills using a digital spray can on an interactive canvas. The “We are logo” performance takes an interactive approach, getting all of the participants involved in producing a piece of art – with photos, projections and video clips tailored to the event.

This is just a sample of the wide range of possibilities in Cologne. Ideas for corporate Christmas events are now online too. The Cologne Convention Bureau (CCB) has compiled an overview of the various packages at