In the first six months of this year, BiH was visited by 505.991 tourists, which is eight percent more than in the same period last year.

According to the Agency for Statistics of BiH, in the mentioned period tourists have made 1.016.778 overnight stays, which is 6.9 percent more than last year.

Number of overnight stays of domestic tourists increased by 0.8 percent and by 10.4 percent in the case of foreign tourists. In the total number of overnight stays, the share of domestic tourists is 34.1 percent and the share of foreigners is 65.9 percent.

In the structure of overnight stays of foreign tourists, tourists from Croatia have made the most overnight stays in the first six months of this year (14.5 percent). They are followed by tourists from Turkey (11.1 percent), Serbia (10.9 percent), Italy (6.3 percent), and Slovenia (6.1 percent), while tourists from other countries made 51.1 percent of overnight stays.

In terms of length of stay of foreign tourists in BiH, the leading country is South African Republic with 5.6 nights, then Ireland with 3.7 nights, Kuwait with 3.1 nights and Malta with three nights.