No monkey business allowed here

Overlooking the valley of the river Drau with its lakes and backdrop mountains, Landskron hill is one of the most impressive viewpoints of Villach. Besides the excellent views, it also offers tons of interesting things to do. On the hilltop that can be used as a hiking point you can find the remains of the old fortress of Landskron castle. These remains are still used today as an event location and one part has even been transformed into a roost for predatory birds.

Then there are the scheduled shows that depending on the season and the weather play a 40-minute long demonstration of birds circling around the castle and just above your head. This really is a mesmerizing experience. Once you’ve soaked your lungs with fresh air and eyes with great views and the shows of majestic animals there is another special place just near the castle that is guaranteed to steal your heart – the monkey park really should not be missed.

The words ‘monkey therapy’ will have a completely different meaning for you after a visit to this place. Landskron was established to provide a natural habitat for the macaque monkeys where they can roam as freely as in the wild. They are accustomed to people, so you can really feel that you are part of their daily playground routine, which is to make them relaxed, unless you decide to have a private tour and feed them, which is when you will become their favourite target, albeit in a very fun way (however, do not look the monkeys directly in the eyes, as they feel threatened by this). ‘No monkey business allowed here’ could be a short strapline for this amazing place, which will leave you smiling for hours. It is a really satisfying way to spend a couple of hours, just watching this amazing creatures acting and playing out in their own private backyard.


In the heart of Villach and not too far from Landskron you can find a business complex combining the Holiday Inn hotel and the congress centre Villach. This impressive and noticeable complex offers everything a meeting planner could wish for. It is the first 4 star international business and conference hotel in the south of Austria and its congress centre offers all the necessary equipment you may need for your congress, from flip charts through to simultaneous translation equipment. They offer several smaller meeting rooms and two bigger conference halls, where they can cater more than 1,000 participants.


Being green is no extra here, it is part of their daily routine. Congress centre Villach received an eco-label award for its green meetings in 2013 and they have been improving in the area of eco friendly destinations ever since. They aim to make an active contribution to the environment, but also strengthen awareness of sustainability without compromising the quality of service they offer. Knowing that they have chosen a destination that takes care of the environment to such a deep level is very satisfying for meeting planners.



If staying at the Holiday Inn you simply cannot leave before trying the amazing food prepared in their hotel kitchen. Chef Jurgen Perlinger is one of the most recognizable names in Austria, well regarded by many food critics and the awarded mastermind behind the hotel restaurant kitchen. They like to use local ingredients and prepare menus with Italian, Austrian and Slovenian flair, inspired by the proximity of these three cultures.

Villach is an altogether pleasant, eco-friendly and charming city, with a focus on locally produced goods and where everything is easily available. This happily walkable city prides itself on local products such as food, wine and crafts.

Being centrally located, Villach has perfect transportation links from every direction, making it easily reachable by car, train or plane. Villach lies on one of the most eco-friendly motorways in Europe, so if coming by car the Holiday Inn can be reached directly by using all the main routes. The journey takes about an hour from Ljubljana, two hours from Zagreb and about three hours from Munich or Vienna. The motorway around Villach has two exits at Faakersee that lead to the centre of the city and one at Ossiachersee that takes you to the north of the city. If coming by air, Klagenfurt airport is about 40km away and you need less than 30 minutes for the onward journey, with the second nearest airport at Ljubljana, approximately 80km away.

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