The largest low-cost airline in central and eastern Europe Wizz Air will officially put another Airbus A320 with 180 passenger seats on the runway of the Tuzla International Airport in March 2017.

In addition to the establishment of new flights from the Tuzla Airport, this investment worth 98 million USD will create additional 36 workplaces.

According to the Director Executive of Wizz Air Jozsef Varadi, establishment of new flights in 2017 will increase the number of passengers by up to 87 percent.

“In late October we will establish flight for London Luton. In March next year, we will launch flights towards Bratislava, Cologne, Friedrichshafen, Nuremberg and Vaxjo, and the number of existing flights will increase as well,” Varadi added.

[pullquote]In 2015, Wizz Air transported more than 250.000 passengers in their low-cost flights from BiH, supporting 200 local workplaces.[/pullquote]

First flight of Wizz Air from the Tuzla Airport was established on May 2013 and since then this company has become the largest air carrier in BiH which constantly records expansion of the network of low-cost flights.

Only two years after the establishment of first flights from BiH, Wizz Air established an operational headquarters in Tuzla.

Putting of the second Wizz Air plane into function will not mark the end of investments at the Tuzla International Airport. Namely, management of this airport is currently in the stage of implementation of the project of upgrading access lights on the runway.

“Hopefully, by the end of October the project will be completed and upgraded access lights will prevent cancellation of flights in conditions of decreased visibility. I also announce that in cooperation with the federal and cantonal government we will launch the project of expansion of passenger terminal in 2017. Current terminal is designed to serve between 70 and 80 thousand passengers, and this year we intended to serve 310 thousand passengers which I hope we will manage to do,” said the Director of the Tuzla International Airport Rifat karasalihović.

Implementation of this project would enable the Tuzla Airport to serve 600 to 700 thousand passengers annually.

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