Iceland has been said to be the incentive planners paradise as the Icelandic nature supplies the inspiration needed for an injection of creativity and team-building. Just a stone’s throw from Reykjavik you’ll find some of the most DISTINCTIVE NATURAL PHENOMENA in the world: hot springs, spouting geysers, cascading waterfalls and pristine glaciers.

Iceland is favoured by many international planners as well as business and academic leaders because of the location and easy access by numerous direct flights.Reykjavík, the capital, has been described as a young and daring city that is characterized by strong contrasts. Reykjavík sometimes feels like a cosmopolitan capital and a harbour village at the same time. The city can boost itself of high tech infrastructure in respect to venues and accommodation and has in a way the best of both worlds; the qualities of a modern, forward-looking society complemented by a close connection to Iceland’s beautiful and unspoilt nature.

Reykjavík’s legendary culture scene is bolstered by plentiful social happenings and events in addition to an abundance of first-class restaurants, steadily gaining Iceland a reputation as a foodie destination.

Meet in Reykjavik, Convention Bureau Iceland

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