True-to-life visualisations including a virtual approach, interactive 3D model and panoramic photos give international clients an ideal impression of the Austria Center Vienna, as well as helping to simplify event planning.

New tool enables virtual tours of the venue

“We are fully aware that especially for large conference centres like the Austria Center Vienna, providing an insight into the facilities on offer can often be difficult. And for a location with 24 halls, 180 meeting rooms and a total of 22,000 square metres of foyers, circulation routes and exhibition space, this can be a real challenge. Our virtual tour paints a better picture than any plan,” explained Susanne Baumann-Söllner, Managing Director of Austria’s largest conference centre. “This new tool enables event and conference organisers from all over the world to experience the venue virtually and gain an effective overview of our unique facility before they arrive,” she added.

Virtual approach over Vienna’s Donaucity district

Starting from the Kaisermühlen-VIC underground station, visitors take a virtual flight over Donaucity that gives an impression of access routes and the area around the conference centre. After reaching the venue, users are given a bird’s-eye view of the building including the five levels available for events.

Interactive 3D model – exploring the venue intuitively

The interactive 3D model provides an overview of the five levels at the venue, and each individual level can be opened up with a mouse click. Additional information such as the capacities of halls and meeting rooms and the sizes of the exhibition halls can be displayed using an interactive menu. Users can also find out where the nearest foyer cafés, restrooms, and passenger and goods lifts are located, as well as the positions of the 100 full HD screens that make up the multifunctional screen system. The level can be changed by clicking on one of the escalators.

360° panoramic photos for the perfect all-round view

The yellow viewpoints included in the 3D model can be used to access 360° panoramic images and look around a particular location. The images contain small icons such as an arrow that allow the user to move to a different room or view a room from a different perspective. The “i” icon provides additional information. Daytime and night-time views of certain locations are available, including for Hall A, the largest room at the venue, allowing users to switch between conference and gala event layouts. “There is also a photo gallery that is regularly updated with the latest best practice images, giving our customers an impressive insight into how versatile and flexible the venue can be,” commented Susanne Baumann-Söllner.

Virtual reality headset takes visitors inside the Austria Center Vienna

The images have been specially designed for use with virtual reality, meaning that the 3D model can be used at events such as roadshows and trade fairs. “In combination with a tablet or smartphone, our virtual reality headset allows us to take customers anywhere in the world on a virtual tour of the conference centre. By giving them true-to-life visualisations of the venue, we can showcase the Austria Center Vienna even more effectively,” said Baumann-Söllner.