The city of Maribor is traditionally hosting 51st Maribor Theatre Festival, the oldest and the most prominent theatre festival in Slovenia. Festival named after Ignacij Borštnik (1858-1919), an actor, stage director and the founder of modern Slovenian theatre, has always been a place for exciting arguments, new insights and unexpected reversals. In recent years the Festival evolved in international event with international symposia and many foreign guests, producers and performances and is also strongly focusing on international promotion.

Between 14th and 23rd October the festival invites with three great writers – Shakespeare, Linhart and Cankar with promise to deliver very varied and diverse festival that will in 10 days host slightly less than 70 events, from theatre performances and talks by reading performances and professional meetings – as well as hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists. Festival awards will be given for best show, best stage directing and acting, as well as for musical and other artistic achievements chosen by a jury of theatre professionals. The most prestigious prize is the Borštnik Ring, awarded by a special jury to a deserving actor for his/her life’s work.

The festival is organized under general sponsorship of Slovenian Ministry of culture and Municipality of Maribor with many important Slovenian companies supporting the event with known companies from Maribor region, among them is also company Terme Maribor with their hotel accommodation being a proud sponsor of this kind of events that contribute to Maribor cultural heritage, a very important part for the city development and tourist attractions for whole region.