Last week, the Hotel Habakuk in Maribor hosted 22nd Conference for Business assistants, secretaries and office managers (ADMA). The organizer of conference, Planet GV choose the location of Hotel Habakuk as it is a wonderful surrounding at the footstep of nature and close to the Maribor city centre – a perfect location for gaining new knowledge.

The work in the field of office is more complex every year, so the goal of the Autumn Conference ADMA is to help everybody working in the field of office support, business assistants, secretaries and office managers to succeed in achieving their successful work.

Topic of 22nd Autumn conference was the triangle reminiscent of motivation Maslow theory, based on the hierarchy and the importance of human needs and all areas of this theory were a part of this year’s ADMA lectures from top experts. Since the hierarchy of needs significant impacts on the motivational mechanisms, the organizer expressed the goal of ADMA to motivate.

With this reason the Autumn Conference in Hotel Habakuk presented a truly holistic 2-day programme with 14 lectures in workshops, roundtables and evening socializing – all with main goal to exchange information, educate, develop and share experiences, learn about useful approaches, communication tools and learning everything participants can use in their work to be even better with it.

And the organizer truly did their best – the conference finished with organizing a free transport of participants to the St. Martins celebration in Maribor, which is the biggest biggest St. Martin`s Day celebration in Slovenia on 11th November.



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