Meetologue 2015


The Poreč riviera is one of the most important tourist spots of the Adriatic, something that make me occasionally reflect on the tourist statistics and comparisons with Slovenia. In 2014 Slovenia had 3.34 million tourist arrivals generating 9.34 million overnight stays. But in Istria, almost the same number of tourists (3.27 million) generated 22.27 million overnight stays, which is 2.3 times more. A large part of that number was recorded in Poreč (7.5 million). The coastline, central position, local vineyards and rich agricultural landscape of Poreč is clearly a true magnet for tourists.


The narrow gauge Parenzana railway operated between 1902 and 1935. The first train rode the section between Trieste and Buje on 1st of April, 1902, and a few months later on the rest of the track. The railway brought a huge economical uplift to the nearby towns, as farming produce was transported on it and then sold on the Trieste market. It got its name from the city of Poreč.

The world’s media has also been putting Istria on the map for being amongst the best lifestyle destinations, not to mention the best wine and gourmet destinations too. It is exactly this blend of attractiveness that makes for a great baseline for quality incentive programmes, something that will be very well received by the international congress scene. A move in the direction of congress tourism most definitely looks promising in Poreč.

It also seems that the hotel revolution in Poreč won’t stop just yet. Every year there are new hotel openings and the relay race of them coming on stream switches between Valamar and Plava Laguna, two of the leading hotel providers in the region. Valamar’s biggest investment this year is on the island of Saint Nikola: only accessible by boat and with barely any traffic, the Isabella Island Resort. It has a large conference hall and many other activities and options. With it coming on stream, the stereotype of Poreč as a classic tourist destination is history. All the way from the tourist resorts of Lanterna to the Green Lagoon (Zelena laguna), there is enough by way of capacity for organising high quality events. The capacity is matched by special venues and rich surroundings, with huge potential for incentive programmes.



February 2017
The 32 International Fair of Food,Drinks and Equipment for Tourism. The International Fair of Food, Drinks and Equipment for Tourism will last for four days, and it will be enriched by various professional events and round tables.

The one-day race of the international UCI calendar is ranked at 1.2 which hosts professional, national and regional teams and clubs. The race is held within the area of Poreč, Tar-Vabrige and Kaštelir-Labinci and points contribute to the Europa Tour.

May 2017
Three days of exhibition are fulfilled with various happenings because Vinistra is not just the local products exhibition, but an event implying professional wine tastings, presentations and topic meetings as well.

May 2017
The DanceStar World Tour is held in different countries around the world and the DanceStar Finals take place in Poreč, Croatia.

June 2017
For the third time, the iconic town of Poreč will host a Swatch Major Series volleyball tournament.

September 2017
Istramusica is month-long choir festival packed with Competitions, Friendship Concerts, Gala Concerts, Workshops and other Singing Tours.



5 excellent meeting destination
4 quality meeting destination
3 recommendable meeting destination
2 average meeting destination
1 passable

A. Natural and cultural factors: 4.51

An accessible coastline, shimmering sea, fine climate and Mediterranean vegetation are the key factors that draw tourists to this part of the Adriatic, one that has been well developed for them for many years. Through a mixture of its numerous cultural and historical monuments, Poreč is all about a unique experience. A world-renowned attraction is the Euphraisan Basilica, which was recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1997. The natural geographic image of Poreč can’t be complete without mentioning the medieval pearls such as Motovun, Grožnjan and Buzet.

B. General and transport infrastructure: 4.05

As a result of its solid traffic connections and further improvements to the whole tourist and general infrastructure, Poreč is starting to experience a new tourist renaissance. In one of the most tourist-orientated cities of Istria, everything plays along to tourism and to the well-being of guests. The city and surrounding settlements feel tidy and welcoming, explaining why they have won the Turistički cvijet award many times, an award only given to the tidiest cities in Croatia. More than 100km of biking trails are also testament to the highest levels of development for tourism. Every year the airline accessibility through Pula airport improves considerably.

C. Tourism infrastructure: 4.69

The tourist industry in Poreč, one traditionally based on sea and sun, is becoming more complex and complete, but also more rounded to run all year long. There are more than 16,000 beds in hotel and tourist resorts in Poreč and its surroundings and their variety is becoming better and more suitable for MICE use. According to most recent statistics there are 200 restaurants and more than 100 bars and cafes, as well as an extensive amount of sport facilities suitable for all kinds of incentive programmes.

D. Meetings infrastructure: 4.23

The main congress offer provider is Valamar, which also operates the Villa Polesini unique meeting and event vanue, located in the old town of Poreč, a completely new resort on Saint Nikola island with a conference hall for 420 delegates, and a Valamar Diamant Hotel with conference hall for up to 180 delegates and 3 smaller meeting rooms. Plava Laguna also offers congress capacities in Poreč; a multifunctional hall in the renovated Laguna Parentium hotel can take up to 435 participants. There are many other special venues for corporate events in the regional countryside estates.

E. Subjective grade: 4.43

Valamar Isabella Island Resort with large conference hall is Poreč’s newest acquisition and helps put it on the congress map. Larger events can be organised in the Žatika multifunctional sport’s hall, which is an architectural gem. The congress offer is getting better, and at a fast pace. An excellent tourist offer in one of the most recognized Croatian tourist destinations is a good base for expanding the season, namely into the field of corporate incentive stories. In our opinion, alongside sport and cuisine, congress tourism is going to be one of the key tourist products of the future.

F. Marketing buzz: 4.23

This is probably the weakest link of the current congress story – Poreč doesn’t exist on the incentive map, because the image of a summer destination is too overbearing. Looking at market proximity and the potential of the incentive story, an appropriate marketing adapted to the B2B market is still lacking.

Natural and cultural factors:
General and transport infrastructure:4.05
Tourist infrastructure:4.69
Meeting infrastructure:4.23
Subjective grade:4.43
Marketing Buzz:4.23
ICCA index:1.00
Numbeo quality of life Index:4.00
Global Peace Index:3.70


IUSTITIA – In 1699 a sensational event upset the citizens of Poreć. Domenico Furlan, a notorious and infamous thief of the day, destroyed the tabernacle of the Basilica Poreč, stealing the gold and silver with which it was adorned. He was soon captured, taken to trial and sen- tenced to death on the main square for this unprecedented crime. Join the citizens of Poreč to celebrate justice with them. Dance the night away, enjoy the food and soak up the atmosphere of the Baroque… Contact for Istrian incentives: Istra Inspirit, www.istrainspirit.hr


Until recently Poreč was known mostly for its family tourism, which is focused on the sun and sea. In the last couple of years there have been significant moves in terms of seasonality and also the meetings industry. The whole of Istria, in fact, has a huge potential for incentive programmes. The congress infrastructure already exists, including the main culinary and sports programmes, as well as the salubrious surroundings that make them special. It’s just the appropriate connections to form real incentive products that have to be put in place, which will definitely make them seriously competitive. The list of events is getting longer every year and is moving Poreč up the ladder of event destinations in Croatia. If Poreč continues to be a tourist champion of Croatia, it will definitely make the break into the international congress scene.


MALVAZIJA – The first culinary association with Poreč is malvazija wine, of which it is said that it was brought to Istria by the Venetians from the Peloponnese. In the last couple of years, Istrian wine makers have taken it to the highest level of quality. The traditional and increasingly appreciated white Istrian wine, with a distinct palette and a full aroma, is a must-have when visiting Poreč.


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