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Aquatika Karlovac – events surrounded by 5.000 freshwater fishes

Newly opened biggest freshwater fish aquarium in Croatia is not just an interesting tourist attraction, but also a unique and exciting meeting and event venue.

Aquatika – the biggest freshwater fish aquarium in Croatia, and one of the biggest in this part of Europe – opened its doors to visitors in October. This attraction will help position Karlovac as a tourist destination, not just transit city on the way to Adriatic coast. Besides exploring wildlife of Croatian rivers, visitors will also enjoy the architecture of this interesting building, which was designed by award winning 3LHD studio. But, what’s more important for meeting planners – Aquatika is also an interesting event space!

The whole complex is situated on the bank of Korana river, and you might not even notice it from the distance. Namely, majority of the complex is below the ground and the part that is above the ground is covered with earth embankments. Once you get in you will be surrounded by 25 aquariums that hold over 5.000 fishes and 100 fish species (40 of those being rare, endemic species). Besides that Aquatika has a souvenir shop, library, educational playroom, meeting room and in-house café bar. If you prefer open sky, for receptions of coffee breaks, you can use public area/plateau placed in the center of complex.

It’s no wonder Aquatika is situated in Karlovac. City that lies on four rivers (Kupa, Korana, Mrežnica, Dobra) and its residents have deep and lasting relation with freshwater wildlife. The project was co-funded by EU, and its total cost was around 4.9 million Euros.

Aquatika as educational and event venue

Aquatika is defined as a local tourist attraction that will be appealing to various groups of visitors interested in learning about freshwater fish and plants: families, school groups, aquarists, environmentalists, fisherman, nature lovers… But don’t be surprised if you see a group of businessman in Aquatika’s halls!

It’s worth noting that interior is pretty dark and has minimalistic, theatre-style feel. In other words: aquariums are stages, and fishes are the stars of the venue. Similar theme continues in the two meeting rooms – black walls and ceilings, minimalistic chairs, theatre lightning… all with purpose of putting emphasis on speaker and presentation content. If you’re looking after different and unique event space not far from Zagreb you should definitely consider Aquatika!

It’s really an interesting meeting venue, where you can rent one of the meeting rooms for seminar/workshop or even the whole aquarium for reception/ special event. Central meeting room can host up to 100 persons in theatre style seating and there is also a smaller educational room. Both are situated in the center of aquarium complex, below the ground, meaning you can actually take a look in one of the aquariums from the meeting room! In the office part of the complex there is a small meeting room for 8 persons, and if you need even more breakout space library is an interesting option. You don’t have to worry about coffee or refreshment – in-house café-bar is also at your service.

Article by Daniela Kos, Poslovni turizam


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