• Name of the event: Drupa Fair 2016
  • Date: 30.5-11.6/2016
  • Location: Düsseldorf Germany
  • Organizer: Eldan Productions Israel
  • Client: Landa
  • Event type: Client events includes Benny Landa’s 70th birthday party

Q: How would you describe the event and what were the key objectives?

Drupa, the world’s leading printing exhibition, is held annually in Dusseldorf, Germany. Elden Productions was responsible for managing the Landa Corporation events at the Drupa fair, held from 31.05 to 10.6. 2016, which included:

• Channeling preliminary events – Setting up registration areas, preparing individual kits for every guest, establishing a situation room to monitor guests arriving at the exhibition, operators deployed in Israel, Germany and across Europe to accompany visitors on their way to Germany.

• Operations involving the transport of hundreds of people during the exhibition, including VIP and VVIP guests from around the world to Germany and back; reservation of private jets, blocking 5 fully-booked hotel accommodations

• Daily events for visitors on a luxury ship; a private and exclusive lounge built from scratch on a luxury ship, and daily sunset cruises on the Rhine River for the Company’s sales representatives and its clients.

• Landa’s flagship event included a surprise birthday party to celebrate Benny Landa’s 70th birthday using the Art Party concept, flying artists from around the world: France, Israel, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. The ultimate goal of the events was to promote the Landa Corporation’s marketing interests through wide exposure of its innovative printing method to international clients, to increase its sales during the exhibition, offer annual incentives to its employees, and provide full operational support to the Company.


1. Due to bad weather conditions, we were forced to change the event venue planned to be held on the deck of a ship on the open. The location was kept a surprise until the day of the party, thus, we were able to change it without having to notify the Landa staff. A rapid check of dozens of locations was executed, assisted by our partners on the ground.

A unique and trendy location was found, negotiations took place, and the contract closed only 7 hours prior to the start of the party with the approval of Landa representatives. The whole operation was changed to a new location: transportation, design, lighting, catering, operation personnel, and the event’s final setting was implemented only two hours prior to the arrival of the first guests. The production as a whole took place in an exemplary manner and flawlessly, with the Alden Productions team realizing the entire operation in a foreign country with suppliers speaking only a local language.

2. The challenging quantity of guests at Landa’s flagship event that included the surprise birthday party for Benny Landa:
The morning of the event, we were informed that the number of guests at the event had been updated from 800 to 1,400 and included distinguished VIP guests. We needed to make big changes in the catering, staff, and location in a very short time.


Landa clients’ flagship event was also planned as a surprise party to celebrate Mr. Benny Landa’s 70th birthday. We were requested to hide the various contents of the event from Mr. Landa, while attempting to understand from the people closest to him, how best to realize the celebration in the most unique and exciting manner possible.

The entire event was designed as an Art Party featuring artists constituting landmarks in the life of Mr. Landa while still a young man. For this purpose, artists from all around the world were located and flown in. The goal was to create modern street art, and every few minutes present a new display that included a French tissue artist, a German weightlifter artist, an Israeli Puppet Group, Swiss drums dancers, a beloved opera singer, and a veteran Girls’ Blues Band. The entire hall was equipped with state-of-the-art projection and sound, screening pictures of Mr. Landa and the achievements that had been realized by the Company till now during the evening. The event included VIP guests and the CEO of the BMW Global Group, as well as other high-ranking officials.


The most important innovation was:
The transport of hundreds of Landa employees from Israel to Germany and back for a visit to the exhibition. As part of Landa’s incentive to its employees, we were obliged to fly 400 employees overnight from Israel to Germany and back. This is an innovative procedure in that it involved flying out a large number of guests for one night and back, while placing emphasis on the smallest details.

We were requested to present a creative idea whose purpose was to test the effectiveness of our procedural operations from a financial, time and logistical aspect.

The operation was carried out by flying out the employees to Germany in two stages, one day after the other, using three private aircraft designated for each group only.

The first group took off on 01.06.16 with overnight at the target destination. The next morning, on 02.06.16, the second group was flown out to the target destination for its overnight. On the second night, (02.06.16), the first group returned to Israel, and on the next day (03.06.16), the second group returned. In this manner, we were able to maintain maximum efficiency and proper economic exploitation of the aircraft, while savings the client tens of thousands of shekels.


Stage one – The mobilization of all relevant employees to implement various events. We held pre-interviews with various Israeli and German companies to combine manpower: hostesses, hosting contacts, ushers, operation logistics, and German partners in the field.

Stage two – the stage preceding the exhibition
Flying out a preliminary team before the start of the event: Flying out Elden Productions producers approximately three weeks prior the start of the exhibition for meetings with suppliers, Landa theater preparation, meeting with hotels, restaurants, evening events locations, the transportation network, and the start of operations.

Stage three – the start of the exhibition
A team of about 200 employees with 10 event managers were deployed over a number of different locations: operators at airports worldwide, hotels, transportation network, clients events, flagship event, the employees’ party event, private dinners and, of course, the exhibition itself.

The most significant point is the meeting between Group 1 and Group 2 who were flown to Germany from Israel and attended the Landa flagship event. Group 1 flew back to Israel that same night while Group 2 arrived from Israel the same day and stayed overnight in Germany. This obliged us to receive the groups, provide them with a special luggage storage room, accompanied by 10 ushers to prevent disorder, and obtain the perfect precision needed to ensure that every suitcase reached its destination safely.


The success of the events are measured according to the following parameters:

  • Landa sales profits from the Drupa 2016 Exhibition – given that Landa’s success is our success. Below is an article later published in the media relating to the Landa Corporation’s profits from the Exhibition:

“Landa once again took center stage at Drupa, taking over €450 million in orders for Nanographic Printing® presses. An estimated 200,000 visitors thronged to the Landa stand to catch a glimpse of its 20 daily live press demos. Visitor enthusiasm translated directly into hundreds of sales meetings, with orders taken in all major geographical regions, including the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Landa reported numerous multiple-press deals, demonstrating market confidence in Landa and its Nanographic Printing presses”

  • Strengthening cooperation between Elden Productions and the Landa Corporation. Elden Productions has assisted Mr. Benny Landa for over 20 years. The Drupa Exhibition has further strengthened the close and personal relationship of our company with the Landa Family, and today we are Landa’s chief production company, and are proud to be part of the future Drupa Exhibition, conferences, corporate events, Incentives and official ceremonies.


Drupa 2016 events has left a deep mark in the capabilities of Eldan Productions. Landa Company’s printing machines are a breakthrough technology in the digital printing future that will change the printing world for generations to come, the new machine is more cost-effective, saving paper and helping the world’s environmental protection.

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