Previous and this week have been truly busy and festive weeks at GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. From 1st until 4th December they hosted various events that officially opened December, the most festive month of the year.

First was the 47th Ski Fair with the sale of new ski equipment sales and commission used in the organization Snowflake Ski Club. With a playful start of the month, 1st December also welcomed playful crowd and everybody young at heart in »Lego Planet« Exhibition which until 4th December in more than 1000 square metres of exhibition space presented of a wonderful Lego world – the exhibition of amazing Lego creations, workshops and competition. What better way to start the most festive month of the year than in a playful way?

On the first day of December the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia also held an event at GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre where they announced Štefan Pavlinjek, former head of Chamber of Commerce and Director of internationally successful company Roto, for the Craftsman of 2016. The events keynote speaker was the president of Slovenia, Borut Pahor and the event was also attended by the Minister of Education, Science and Sport Maja Makovec Brenčič and Minister for Slovenians Abroad Gorazd Žmavc.

And the events are continuing also with yesterday’s opening of Mineralfest, an exhibition of minerals, fossils and jewellery, exploration of secrets of Space in a digital planetarium and introduction of how light travels through minerals and crystals. Until Saturday, 10th December, participants will have the opportunity to experience a journey through whole solar system, discovering planets, mists, distant galaxies and explore secrets of the Universe in the biggest and modernist planetarium in Slovenia.

And events at GR -Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre in December have only begun … There are still some festive events and to be held here – December truly is  a magical and festive month …


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