Q: The readers of Kongres magazine chose you as one of the most influential people in the South East European Meetings industry. What does this recognition mean to you?

Thanks to the readers of Kongres magazine, I am honored.

Q: If you look back at the 2016, what would you say were your major achievements?

We have been working on projects from India to Luxemburg and won new exciting international accounts for Cappy and Addiko Bank and a local but very exciting one for Vipnet.

Q: 3. 2017 – New Year, new plans, new business objectives?

We will continue to grow and develop our digital staff with more specialists in content, media and user experience, and our new project Startaparat, a specialist agency in Vienna helping the startup scene in the region. We will also be helping companies to develop their innovative products and services and their internal innovative and creative culture through our new Design Thinking Croatia joint project with sense Consulting.

Q: Which event are you looking forward to attend next year and why?

I look forward to Days of Communication festival in Rovinj in the end of March. It’s the communications’ industry party of the year.

Q: Which trends do you believe will shape the meetings industry in 2017?

Virtual and augmented reality are already a big hit in the product demonstration and gamification segment, but more and more it will make virtual meetings and virtual attendance possible as well. Exciting times!

Q: What is your wish for 2017?

I wish it to be fun!