In 1960 the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre hosted a car Exhibition and for the occasion decided to expand their facilities by building a new pavilion, designed by the Slovenian architect Mako Šlajmer. Amongst locals the pavilion quickly adopted a special, cute nickname – “Jurček” (deriving from the Slovenian expression for mushroom, jurček – Boletus edulis) – due to its specific architecture with a circular floor plan and mushroom-like construction, with central pillar-shaped gutter. The pavilion is fully enclosed by glass with the use of aluminium profile and the installation of the facility truly looks like a grand showcase that harmoniously coexists with its lively surroundings. Furthermore, it is marked out by a notable tower that is set amidst the trees in its direct vicinity. This circular space is extremely suitable for events and exhibitions of all kinds and has gained a special place in the hearts and minds of event organisers.

The hotel capacity in Ljubljana is very healthy and the offer is suitable for all tastes and needs. GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre is just a stone’s throw from the city centre, which has in recent years, in addition to the major traditional hotels, also been marked by the opening of boutique type hotels. In addition to the legendary Union Hotel the offer of the Union Hotels Group it is now highly diversified and consists of various price range hotels. Nearest to the GR- Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre is Hotel Lev, which is very popular with congress and business guests. Ljubljana will also soon be further enriched by the Intercontinental hotel, which will open its doors in summer 2017.


The ground floor of the Jurček pavilion is multifunctional and operates on a daily basis as a coffee shop, reception area for events and event space. The multifunctional shape and organisation of space is precisely what makes it attractive for events that do not want a classic arrangement, for example Pecha Kucha evenings and other similar events of a more open format. In the basement area of the former wine cellar there is a ballroom that can accommodate up to 100 guests and connects with a restaurant area. The space is ideal for special events and parties, and during major holidays you will definitely need to book early enough to secure it.


1. Chefs Challenge
Experience Jurček through a pristine culinary journey. Teams get divided into four groups, with each to prepare different local dishes. A Master Chef will evaluate their cooking skills and select the winning team.

2. Beer revolution
Blind tasting of different beers, a lecture about beer culture (production, beer varieties, etc.), tasting of unfiltered beer, introduction to correct pouring of beer and the insider’s peek at the beer revolution.

3. Rock & Roll, beer and dance
Class of fun rock’n’roll accompanied by beer and burgers. Some energetic dance formations will be tested in pairs and culminate in a group formation.

After numerous gourmet hospitality experiments in the Jurček pavilion, today the Brewery Pavilion (Pivnica Paviljon) welcomes its guests at the premises of their successful restaurant and brewery. The whole area is divided into two sections: in the basement section lovers of nostalgia and familiarity get their space and it here that you can hide away from the curious views while enjoying some socializing with food and beverages, sampling various wines and a wide selection of domestic and foreign types of beer. In the upper space section of the Brewery Pavilion, it is designed more for those who enjoy having a coffee and listening to some lounge music.

GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre was built in replacement of the Ljubljana Fair in Tivoli and it followed worldwide design and architectural traditions of boldly designed exhibition spaces. In its almost 60 years of existence it has hosted a variety of events and in recent years it has also become established as a venue for electronic and Balkan music concerts. Some very famous musical names have already performed at GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. In fact, already in the year 1959 the newly built Dome (Kupola) hall hosted the first very high-profile concert on 1st April, no less than the very famous…Louis Armstrong!

Restaurant/Brewery Pavilion is easily accessible from Dunajska Street. One of the biggest advantages is also the possibility of free parking on the ramp just in front of the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.

The oldest wine tasting is not in France. The Ljubljana International Wine competition “Vino Ljubljana” is the oldest international competition fair in the European Union and also worldwide. The first modern international wine evaluation was in 1955, when the Ljubljana competition was also given the patronage of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), which they hold right up until today.

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