A walking culinary tour through the tastes and history of Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt, capital of Austria’s southernmost province of Carinthia, is located 60km from the Italian border. The region seemingly enjoys around 2,000 hours of sunshine per year and boasts a number of crystal clear lakes that are clean enough to drink from. Klagenfurt also offers a variety of historical buildings, squares and innumerable city stories throughout its 16 districts, starting with the legend that Klagenfurt was founded after a couple of brave men had slain the abominable “Lindwurm”, a winged dragon in the moors adjoining the lake (today the dragon is represented by an amazing 9-tonne Renaissance monument in the city centre). Klagenfurt has many adventures and wonderful places of interest, with the best way to really get to know about the rich history of the city being to bite right into it with a culinary tour through the city centre with TourGenuss and Astrid Legner. The knowledgeable Astrid welcomes you in one of her traditional regional folk costumes, so having to look for the traditional yellow shirt or umbrellas won’t be necessary in this instance. Starting out with a sparkling prosecco in front of the theatre (Stadttheater Klagenfurt) is always a great beginning to a tour.

If you have a meeting in Klagenfurt you will just fall in love with this sunny region that truly offers you a variety of activities, so you can (or let’s say, you must J) definitely mix business and pleasure. The offer of Klagenfurt meeting hotels and unique locations with high quality services and Austrian hospitality consists of a total of 13 meeting hotels and countless seminar rooms, all close to the town centre and Lake Wörthersee, making Klagenfurt an ideal conference venue. And if you need help choosing the right location for your stay or organising a meeting just contact Carinthia Convention, a central and independent point of contact and service centre for all kinds of events in Carinthia, as their alliance offer includes 47 strictly chosen partners that definitely stand out for their top quality, customised service and genuine hospitality.

A full Klagenfurt culinary tour takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the number of people. From the starting point in front of the Klagenfurt theatre (with a presentation of the theatre whilst enjoying a glass of local Prosecco) it’s then on to the next stop connected with a former fish market to try out the rich fish flavours with their local fish and fish-cold smoked trout and Saibling (sweet water fish) in combination with homemade buckwheat bread. After these warm-up pit stops of the tour you will already have the feeling that it is focusing on locally and mainly family-produced products, and while enjoying the culinary treats Astrid will be telling you the many stories about the history of Klagenfurt’s fishermen and also the statue of a fisherman that is based on a legend about a conniving fisherman who tried to sell old fishes. The fisherman is reputed to have said that “If I am selling you fish that are not fresh, I will turn into stone!” and as a symbol of justice in Klagenfurt, the city created a statue of the lying fisherman to give an example to others. Be warned…

The tour continues with an introduction of Kiki Kogelnik arts, an Austrian painter, sculptor and printmaker who is considered as one of the Austria’s most important pop-related artist. After this it is on to further sightseeing with the dragon statue at Neuer Platz from the legend about city’s foundation and just a few metres from the dragon there is a statue of Maria Terezia on one of the main squares, highlighting the influence this smart woman had in Carinthia and on the whole of Austria. Stopping later at one of the city’s fountains to try out the salami and cheese – of course everything again is local, from the cheeses similar to Emmentaler (Drautaler) to the salami and bacon reminiscent of Parma ham but smoked, together with buckwheat chips – by this stage you will be enjoying the tour even more and then when you go to next step and wrap up the culinary tour with a wine tasting with the local dessert Reindling, a traditional cake filled with cinnamon, sugar and raisins, you have the chance to also get the taste of the quite young Austrian sector for winemaking, that definitely has a lot of potential. All in all, this culinary tour presents and shows the rich history and quality of Carinthian life, focusing on locally produced food and drinks and all topped with some amazing stories that will make you fall in love with this wonderful city.

With her 17 years of experience Astrid Legner from TourGenuss certainly make the culinary tour of Klagenfurt a unique experience. Mixing experience and deep knowledge with a love of Carinthia and its history, she presents the destination and its hidden gems in her own unique way. The TourGenuss slogan is based on Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s quote “Because the impression it leaves behind remains!” Based on that the tour is focusing on impressions and experiences that enrich our lives, since they are the ones that tell us stories and so often conjure up a smile on our faces. In this sense this is the best way to get to know the city, through adventures and stories presented by Astrid that will bring you closer to history and transform what might otherwise be plain facts into memorable ones, all combined with some amazing culinary treats that also show both the city’s history and present day. The customized tour promises to give you an experience for all of your senses – the blend of culture, culinary treats, customs and amazing history through Astrid’s stories gives you a personal experience of the city of Klagenfurt. All in all, an unforgettable tour that will leave you with a warm feeling in your heart long after it’s over.


With its location in the heart of the Alps-Adriatic region it is easy and convenient to reach by plane, as Klagenfurt Airport is located just a few minutes’ drive from central Klagenfurt. Austria’s smallest regional airport is notable for it rapid passenger treatment and the personal assistance that demonstrates the Austrian hospitality that pervades the country. Austrian Railways (ÖBB) also provides convenient transportation to the heart of Klagenfurt and the city centre is just a few minutes walk from the main station. Coming to the city by car, Klagenfurt also enjoys excellent autobahn access, which makes it easy for you to drive there.

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