• Name of the event: US Election Day
  • Date: 8.11.2016
  • Location: Crowne Plaza Belgrade
  • Organizer: Crowne Plaza Belgrade
  • Client: American Embassy
  • Event type: VIP Event

Q: How would you describe the event and what were the key objectives?

We would like to present you one of the most exciting events that has followed a moment, which got attention of people from all around the globe in the past year. On the night of 8th of November we were a proud host to the American Embassy and their invitees for the US election Day Event in our hotel Crowne Plaza Belgrade. More than 500 high ranking delegates from all social segments in the region, arrived to follow and enjoy the announcement of the new president. This tremendous reception was organized in the hotel’s wide and significant space of the lobby area, that carried the atmosphere and the excitement of the final election round, history of the election organization, characteristic blue, red and white balloon decorations followed by tasty bites made by our executive chef’s team.

As expectations rose, simulations of the election took place in the hotel, where two candidates brought additional excitement and competitiveness. What makes this event so interesting and challenging in all aspects is the publicity, security demands and a special touch needed to prevent small mishaps that could have occured. Interest grows fast with these kinds of events and we are looking forward to new opportunities of hosting an event like this in the future.


We had to change the entire interior design of the lobby area, make a tv studio and prepare the service for more than 800 VIP people. We had more than 10 television stations, and all the country was with us in Crowne Plaza for 6 hours.


What makes this event so interesting and challenging in all aspects is the publicity, security demands and a special touch needed for all the possible details that might occur. Crowne Plaza even before this event is the place for spectacular events, but after the American election it became the most popular place for something unusual and sensational.


The most important innovation was:
The transport of hundreds of Landa employees from Israel to Germany and back for a visit to the exhibition. As part of Landa’s incentive to its employees, we were obliged to fly 400 employees overnight from Israel to Germany and back. This is an innovative procedure in that it involved flying out a large number of guests for one night and back, while placing emphasis on the smallest details.


The Crowne Plaza team is well known for its great service, but that night everything was more than perfect. We synchronized perfect food service, audio- visual support, best decoration in order of client. Because of the very important guests all the staff was specialy trained for the event.


All the media in Serbia including about 10 TV stations, magazines and newspapers, portals and other channels of communication were reporting about the event in our hotel. A few channels in the region were communicating the event in Crowne Plaza also. We got a special appreciation from the US Ambassador for the well-organized event.

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