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Germanwings and Wizz Air coming to Mostar Airport?

Director of the Mostar Airport, Marin Raspudic, is not satisfied with the success from the last year, considering that in 2016 “much more could and should have been done.” The new year brings new and bigger challenges, with faith and hope that it will be more successful and better than the previous one. Representatives of the airport will meet with representatives of prestigious Germanwings and Wizz Air, and agreements on the operations of the aforementioned companies would significantly facilitate business of the Mostar Airport in the future period.

“Without the low-cost company we can hardly survive, surrounded by a series of high-quality ports. There are always things and queries and we are at the disposition to everyone. Personally, I would like if we would cover Germany with Germanwings, and Scandinavia with Wizz Air. We recently did a study that should give us a response to in which part of Germany most people from Herzegovina and parts of Croatia live in,” he said, welcoming the decision of the Government of HNC that about 300,000 BAM should be allocated from the cantonal budget for the management of the airport.

Mostar Airport currently offers airlines to Rome, Naples and Bar. Negotiations for lines to Ancona, Milan and Beirut are in progress. Last year, some of tourists from the Republic of Ireland returned, but the most interesting and profitable destinations are Vienna and Istanbul. In 2016, the Mostar Airport has not received funding for the modernization of part of the terminal building, with the purchase of vehicles for acceptance of persons with disabilities and the ambulance and fire-cart which, according to the international regulations, is necessary. The Government of FBiH has provided 1.57 million BAM, and the funds are provided through IPA funds.

“In the future, people with disabilities will not encounter problems they have faced so far in our area. Until recently, we had a narrow passage for travelers, but today we have a significant space and we are satisfied,” added Raspudic.

Last year, the Airport in Mostar had a total of 160,000 passengers. It is believed that the decrease in the number was contributed by the neighborhood airports in Split and Dubrovnik.