I’m like a big dad for them all

Gundolf is working in hospitality business all his life, he started as a waiter on a cruise ship, where he found his passion for the hospitality industry.

Q: In this industry, you need to work with young people, what inspires you and gives you drive?

In my job, I take care of the younger colleagues as they come to me for advice, when they start working in this hotel. I am like a big dad for all of them. I like my work, because every day is a new day and you get to meet new interesting people from all over the world.

Q: Which events would you say people should go to, while visiting Villach?

We have a big event at the beginning of August. It lasts one week and is called Villacher Kirchtag. It is like the Octoberfest in Germany, but the special thing about the event in Villach is, that it is taking place directly in the city center.  It is Austria’s biggest traditional event with traditional food, Villacher beer, a huge fun fair, and “Tracht” (traditional Austrian clothing).

Q: Your advice for younger colleagues?

My advice for younger colleagues is, that they should go abroad after finishing their studies to get some valuable experiences and learn from different cultures and companies and then come back and share the knowledge. Learning foreign languages is also really important for working in the hospitality industry.

Q: Some celebrity stories you wish to share?

Helena Fischer once stayed in the penthouse suite and I had the chance to serve her. She is a very beautiful lady – saying with a smile.

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