Andreja Rus

Mar 29, 2016
Being a social butterfly, I’ve always been attracted to people and done quite a bit of volunteer work from an early age. Working at the National Gallery of Slovenia and the SNG Opera and Ballet Ljubljana allowed me to learn about the world of culture and events, which I later got to know even better by working at Ljubljana Castle, the Ljubljana Festival and the Ljubljana International Film Festival.

Sandi Kovačevič

Dec 28, 2016
Most Influental People In NEW EUROPE: Sandi Kovačevič
I could say that we managed to increase our visibility and that hotel Cubo has become, despite its size, a business meeting point in Ljubljana, for which we have strived a very long time. This year we opened a summer al fresco lounge and organised a few events and gatherings. I believe this could be an extension of an incentive product and a great meeting point where business and leisure meet. I am very fortunate that I am working with staff that shares the same vision.

Jan 19, 2016
Saša Zor: “Passionately taking job as a lifestyle”
I may have contracted a permanent “MICE virus”, as I am passionately taking my job as a lifestyle. Every day is filled with dynamic variety, challenges and the opportunity to build strong relationships. It is also the traveling that drives me in the sense of constant personal and professional development together with the freedom to be creative and to implement daring out-of-the-box ideas as practical solutions.

Feb 13, 2016
Jorg Zupan – Grand Hotel Union’s new chef de cuisine
In January 2016 the Grand hotel Union introduced a new chef de cuisine. Where? Where else than in its famous and prestigious restaurant Smrekarjev Hram. A young, vigorous and wildly creative chef, Jorg Zupan, joins this iconic restaurant, known for its ambitious and excellent cooking, to spice up its offer and give it a special twist.


Sep 14, 2016
Marko Zidar: My passion, my dream, my life was football
My parents always told: ˝have goals so big you get uncomfortable telling small-minded people˝. Again everything is focused on hospitality, if I am going to details it is luxury hotel industry. I Will use my knowledge which I learn from my experience in Emirates Palace and use my imagination to bring something new and undiscovered to unique boutique hotel experience.

Nov 7, 2016
YOUNG TALENTS: Hristina Stojilković
Immediately after obtaining my BA degree in Political Science and enrolling into MA studies in International Affairs, I experienced my earliest professional exposure to marketing and PR, and fell irredeemably in love with its creativity craze and diversity. Little did I anticipate that my career was to take a sharp twist just a couple of years later, when I stumbled upon a milestone opportunity to become a part of the meetings & events industry.

Mar 25, 2016
YOUNG TALENTS: Kristina Pangos
After graduating from the Faculty of Tourism Studies, majoring in Tourism and partaking in a bachelor exchange in Vienna, I continued my postgraduate studies at the FELU. At IMB – an International Full Time Master Programme in Business Administration – I additionally developed my life and business skills before continuing my career path in the MICE industry at Sava Hotels & Resorts.

Apr 24, 2016
Exclusive interview with Rajeev Kohli, Joint Managing Director of Creative Travel
With 22 years of travel industry experience behind him, Rajeev Kohli is today Joint Managing Director at Creative Travel India. The company has grown to become a prominent, respected and independent DMC agency offering the finest cultural experiences available and helping discover natural wonders all across India and South Asia. At Creative he focuses on marketing and strategy initiatives, but is also passionate about incentive travel.

Nov 18, 2016
Nuša Šolar: “Good Vibes make it all seem easy”
I’m an adventureous person who always likes to try something new, like I did this summer with kitesurfing in Greece, which was really amazing. I’ll leave the sunny island and kite for the next summer and enjoy skiing this winter.

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